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dubai It is one of the most coveted tourist and professional destinations in the world. Technology, architecture and luxury are factors that make this place even more attractive.

But how to emigrate to this land where luxury cars, camels and panoramic views offered by buildings make you feel like a real multimillionaire?

The question may have been asked. In fact, more than a tourist spot, for many people, dubai It has become the ideal city to live in.

So if you are planning to move to Dubai. Here we bring you a list of recommendations so as not to fail in the attempt.

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Visa or not?

Please note that Colombians do not need a visa to travel to Dubai. So, if you are going for studies, tourism, business or cultural events, you can enter the country without any problem.

Traveling to Dubai can be a great opportunity.

However, this will only be allowed for a maximum of 30 days. So, if you plan to live in the city, you must obtain a visa.

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The most advisable thing before traveling to this destination is that you have an offer of work which makes it easier to obtain the required papers.

According to the official government page of United Arab Emiratesonly the person who:

Being employed by a local company, employed by the government sector, investor in a company in the United Arab Emirates, having purchased property in the Emirates and university students sponsored by their universities.

“The validity of the stay with a residency visa varies by type and sponsor. It can be for 1, 2 or 3 years, or up to 5 or 10 years without a sponsor,” the government published on its website.

On the other hand, a legal resident has the right to open a bank account, access financial facilities, apply for a driver’s license, access health services and government health insurance, enroll their children in public and private schools, to work and to invest.

work in dubai


Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates.

According to specialized portals, Dubai is one of the cities in the world that has the lower unemployment percentage.

The easiest jobs to get are: bartender, waiter/waiter or hotel receptionist. You don’t need to speak Arabic to do this, but you will probably need to speak almost 100% English.

How to get the job?


One of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The best way to get a job is to look for it on specialized platforms. In addition, some are specifically for offers in Dubai: Dubai Careers, Monstergulf, Naukrigulf, GetThat, JobsInDubai, Bayt, Dubizzle or Dubai Jobs.

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Finding a job may be difficult. So it is better to be patient. According to specialized portals, paying to enter a selection process can be a form of fraud, so be very careful.

Cost of life


To live in Dubai, it is important to be clear about what Cost of life.

It is very possible that you do not have luxuries and eccentricities, since the people who have them are owners of successful conglomerates. But it is certain that you will be able to have a comfortable life.

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The approximate cost of living is $2,600 (over 10 million pesos). If you are traveling with your family, the value increases to $4,500 (over 18 million Colombian pesos).

The rent is 1,300 dollars (about 5 million pesos), the services are more or less 200 dollars (about 800 thousand pesos), the internet is 100 dollars and the tuition is 1,500 dollars minimum ( on average 6 million pesos) monthly.

Although the wages that they give up in jobs are important to live comfortably, it’s not too much, manage money well to avoid economic worries.

covid and health

PCR samples in Envigado

The PCR test is one of the requirements for traveling to different cities around the world.


Jaiver Nieto Alvarez / ETCE

Dubai demands the PCR test with negative result. Only those that were made 96 hours before the trip are allowed.

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These measures may change, so it is important to constantly consult the government page to avoid surprises.

In addition, it is recommended that before traveling you take out health insurance, it is the easiest and most economical way to take care of your health.

In fact, the hospitalization costs in Dubai they are too expensive and if you do not have enough money you will not be served.

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