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Easter is one of the most important holiday periods of the year. This season is particularly important, as it is the first in which many people feel free to travel safely after two long years of the pandemic.

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In reality, a good part of international destinations have, so far, relaxed entry restrictions for visitors, with the aim of facilitating the revival of tourism. Here are the recommendations to take into account to facilitate travel.

If you are traveling by plane

remember that As it is the high season, the flow of people in the terminals is important, which is why it is practical to arrive on time, to have all the documents in order and the luggage ready.

El Dorado Airport offers the following travel recommendations:

1. Don’t forget to download and complete the Check-Mig for international travel.

2. Always check the special requirements of the city or country you are traveling to.

3. Arrive early: If you’re flying domestically, arrive at least two hours early and three hours for international flights.

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4. Print or digitally generate your boarding pass from the airline’s website.

5. Remember that the entry of companions to the airport is not allowed, only the passenger can enter.

6. Use the mask correctly at all times, i.e. covering the mouth and nose.

7. If you’re going to bring your pet, check the airline’s requirements. Make sure you have everything you need so your furry friend doesn’t suffer during the trip.

Documentation and requirements

It is important to ensure that all your documents, and those of your companions, are complete and in order, especially if you are leaving the country.

Reconfirm entry requirements at destination before travelling. Some countries require, for example, the presentation of current vaccinations against diseases such as yellow fever, the prior filling of forms or a minimum validity of the passport.

Keep in mind that anyone leaving or entering Colombia must complete the Check-Mig form, at least 72 hours before travel.

Requests due to the pandemic

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, each country may or may not impose travel restrictions; make sure, through the channels available for each destination, of those that are in force.

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Keep in mind, however, that at least they can ask you to present the digital certificate with the complete vaccination schedule; make sure that the data of the doses you have received is recorded there. Check the information on the My Vaccine website.

It is also possible that you will be asked for a PCR or antigen covid-negative test, carried out one to three days in advance, and that on your arrival, depending on the destination, you will be asked to undergo a random test.

travel insurance

Until a few years ago, having travel insurance wasn’t that important; however, these have become more relevant due to the pandemic. Get one with covid-19 coverage. It’s the minimum. Others, however, also provide assistance with flight cancellations, delays, loss of personal effects, medical assistance and return home.

watch the weather

Although it seems obvious, sometimes many neglect the consideration of the weather (as Colombia is a country without seasons, this question does not matter much). Check the forecast for the destination you will be traveling to and organize your luggage taking into account variations in the weather.

be practical

Try to bring the essentials. Carrying too much luggage is complicated, especially on international routes.

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Before you go, don’t forget to check airline requirements regarding the number of suitcases and weight allowed. Remember that at airports there are restrictions on transporting dangerous items or containers with liquids that exceed a certain capacity.

Take your medication with you

If you are using or taking medication for medical treatment, take it with you, along with your doctor’s prescription. You run the risk of not getting them or having them sold at the destination you are going to.

Regulations regarding the sale of drugs vary from country to country.

Follow biosecurity protocols

Although we are in a transition phase from pandemic to endemic, There are requirements that are maintained in many countries to keep the spread of covid-19 low, such as the mandatory use of face masks, maintaining physical distancing, and constant hand washing. Always respect them. Keep in mind that it is likely that to enter establishments or events you will need to present the digital vaccination certificate.

If you are traveling to Colombia

Remember that even when traveling to Colombia you must also take into account that in the event of covid there are security protocols in places, hotels, restaurants and other establishments that you must also respect.

If you have health problems, make sure that in the area of ​​influence of the destination you will visit there is access to medical services, if necessary.


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