Hackers no longer board luxury yachts to steal, hack their cybersecurity

Luxury yachts battle anonymous cyberattacks from a new class of pirates, while hydrogen ships are on track to replace fossil fuels. These and other topics were discussed at the 28th edition of the Dubai International Boat Show. 20is%20a%20luxury%20for%20the%20%20financial%20world%20s%20due%20to%20exorbitant%20costs%20to%20buy%20and%20maintain%20a.%20superyachts%20of%20high%20tech %C3 %ADa%20with%20rich%20owners%20create%20the%20perfect%20%20combination%20%20for%20pirate%20hungry%20for%20money%20and%20for%20thrills.%20%20The%20pirates% 20traditional%20navigation%C3% ADan%20under%20flag%20of%20skull%20provided%20of%20hook%20like %20hand%20and%20patch%20in%20the%20eye.%20In%20change,%20now%20a%20pirate%20can% 20hijack%20a%20ship% 20of%20the%20comfort%20of%20a%20cafeter%C3%ADa.% 20%20%20The%20expert%20en%20cybersecurity%20Naveen%20Hemanna%20explains%20c%C3%B3 month%20the %20increase%20in%20the%20digital%20banking%20and%20in%20cryptocurrencies%20help%20a%20promote%20this%20kind%20of%20crime.%20A%20counted%20a%20Euronews:%20%22 not%20need%20to be%20on%20the%20boat.%20It’s%20all%20a%20virtual%20war,%20which%20is%20developing%20because that%20your%20wealth%20is%20only%20f%C3%ADphysical. %20It %20virtual,%20not%20you%20need%20to%20have%20presence%20f%C3%ADsica%20to%20take%20money%22%20.%20%20The%20threats%20to%20the%20yachts %20have%20increased%20since %20the%20beginning%20of%20the%20pandemic.%20Instead,%20%20the%20future%20of%20%20ships%20marine%20is%20all%20%20m%C3%A1s% 20sustainable%20and%20respectful%20with%20the%20waters%20by%20the%20who%20sail).

More than 800 companies in the sector

Back for the first time since the start of the COVID pandemic, this show is a staple of the annual calendar for luxury boat builders. More than 800 companies from over 50 countries use this event as a platform to exhibit their latest products.

One of them is Sunreef Yachts from Poland, which presented its Sunreef Eco 80.

After suffering delays caused by the global shipping crisis, this model arrived elegantly late to the event with its solar panel display. The ecological design makes the yacht self-sufficient when it comes to refueling.

There are no ecological regulations for boat engines

As the sale of electric cars soars, we expected a similar trend suited to the seas. In this sense, the founder and president of Sunreef Yachts, Francis Lapp, explained to us that the level of adoption of renewable fuels has not been the same on the water as on the roads. “Governments in Europe and around the world are working on cars, not boats. Currently there are no regulations on offshore engines.”

One company pushing the boundaries of hybridization is Seabubbles, with its futuristic boat. It combines hydrogen and battery power to reduce refueling times to just minutes, where similarly sized vessels previously needed five to six hours to do so.

Using physics similar to airplane wings, The Seabubble uses hydrofoils to create lift that lifts it above the surface of the water. Hydrofoils reduce drag, which reduces the energy needed to move the boat.

The new luxury yacht pirates

Most ships have state-of-the-art technology, from GPS and navigation systems to Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS).

The arrival of this new technology has brought superyachts into rough waters with the emergence of a new breed of pirates.

Owning a superyacht is a luxury that only the global economic elite can afford, due to the exorbitant cost of buying and maintaining it. High-tech superyachts with wealthy owners create the perfect combination to whet the appetite of pirates hungry for money and thrills.

Traditional pirates sailed under a flag with a skull crossed by bones equipped with a hook as a hand and an eye patch. Instead, a pirate can now hijack a ship without breaking a sweat from the comfort of the trendy cafe.

Cybersecurity expert Naveen Hemanna explains how eThe rise of digital banking and cryptocurrencies helps fuel this type of crime. He told Euronews: “The pirates don’t need to be on the ship. It’s a virtual war, which takes place because your wealth is not just physical. It’s virtual, you don’t you don’t need to be physically present to pick up the money.”

Threats to yachts have increased since the start of the pandemic. On the other hand, the future of boats is increasingly sustainable and respectful of the waters they cross.

For more information, visit the Destination Dubai page on Euronews.com.

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