He tattooed an intimate area, put on a piercing and played the drums in Ringo Starr: Fede Bal’s adventures as the host of Rest of the World

Fede Bal at Ezeiza airport, about to board his first trip as a driver for the “Rest of the World”

December 2021. ball of faith received a message from Hernán Valenzuela, historical producer -with his brother- of Rest of the world. They wanted me to host season 19. “I got nervous. I am 32 years old and this is a program I have watched all my life in search of destinations to visit. I couldn’t believe it. And then, I love to travel!” confides the actor in dialogue with TV show. “How good that this is happening to me,” he said, he thought at the time.

When he was summoned, the son of Carmen Barbieri had planned work commitments. “Don’t worry, we won’t be leaving until February,” they told those who thought they should reject the project. “Ah well. Yeah, so,” he replied without hesitation.

But before continuing the conversation, he posed a single condition which, in reality, was a proposal regarding its incorporation into the popular travel cycle. “If I’m going to be the driver, I’d like to put my stamp on it. Not as a celebrity, but as a traveler. Let me get lost in the city, get a tattoo… I’m going to take notes, they’re going to have the best chef in each place, but I also want to experience it as if it were me,” he suggested.

Immediately, the producer understood perfectly what the now host of Rest of the world posed. And he replied, “Would you be tattooed in certain cities?” The affirmative answer was not long in coming. One only has to see the actor’s inky skin to understand his passion for wearing patterns on his body.

Thus was born the new season of Rest of the world, a program that debuts this midnight on the screen of El Trece. “It’s like another version. My mission is that it is not similar to other editions. I came to break the mold“says the actor who describes his work as a gift. “For me, traveling is the best money in the universe. Whenever I can, I take a ticket. It doesn’t matter where. I have also traveled alone.

Fede Bal at Puerta del Sol, Madrid
Fede Bal at Puerta del Sol, Madrid

February 2021. Fede, Matías and Juan (producer and cameraman) undertook the first trip of Rest of the world. The methodology of the program is to be abroad for 20 or 25 days during which they register and visit different destinations and return to Argentina to stay there for a month. So throughout the year. This way you can visit your loved ones, meet other work commitments.

“I started to feel what it’s like to travel the world and show it. This is the best job that can happen to me in life and I hope it never ends”, rejoices in his new project which is these days in Buenos Aires analyzing, together with the production, what will be the next destination.

The first Spain. They based themselves on Madridwhere they stayed 10 days: from there they went to Toledo, Avila, Alcala and other nearby towns. Then they went to Barcelonawhere the actor made his first trip: the seal of the city was tattooed, as if it were the one affixed to his passport when he enters a country, the letters NCB. “I don’t have a lot of space, so that was it,” he remarks of where he chose to mark the new design: the tail, just below his back, which is fully tattooed.

The new tattoo that Fede Bal got in Barcelona
The new tattoo that Fede Bal got in Barcelona

“I tattoo a lot of things that happen to me”, stands out on the mark he now wears on his skin. And he anticipates: “It will happen a little. If I go to Paris, I make myself a croissantthings characteristic of cities. I’ll be like a human fridge with magnets. I love this project! I love for people to see how tattoos are done in other parts of the world. As the shows go on, the various adventures experienced by Fede will be seen, who also had his nose pierced during his time at London (England).

Fede Bal had a septum in London
Fede Bal had a septum in London

The son of Carmen Barbieri and Santiago Bal defines himself as “extremist” and anticipates that in liverpool -after being in Manchester– He went to a hairdresser and cut his hair.

There, moreover, he toured the city with Julia Baird, younger sister of John Lennon. This meeting will be seen this Saturday in the first broadcast of rest of the worldIs. “We sat down for a beer like she was just another friend.” Among other attractions, they visited strawberry field -where the popular song of the Beatles. In addition, the driver had the opportunity to sit on the battery of Ringo Star. “I played a little.”

A preview of what will be seen tonight in Rest of the World, by El Trece

How does it feel to be paid to travel? A madness! I already came back with debts because I bought everything. I’m not going to see what they pay me because I have to pay the installments”, he warns about his new acquisitions: a star wars which also required the purchase of a new suitcase to be able to move the 7,500 pieces of the object.

He also brought gifts for his mother and for his girlfriend, Sophie Aldrey. In this regard, he regrets that she was unable to accompany him, specifies that when the opportunity arises she will do so, that she was the first to encourage him to accept the project, and that when he is abroad they keep him constantly in touch through messages, photos and video calls. In this way, they share the distances traveled and feel a little closer to each other.

The days of recording in each city are long, incomparable to those of any other project the actor can achieve when he sticks to a schedule. And he saw it happily. For example, when he has moments of rest, he chooses to continue his tour and takes pictures with his personal phone. “I’m such a handyman that I don’t feel tired”concludes ball of faithwho defines himself as “an actor who rolls”: “A 32-year-old who likes to get lost in the city”.


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