Is there a Vladimir Putin yacht in Tarragona?

Updated: 03/17/2022 1:58 p.m.

Is one of the yachts Vladimir Poutine in Tarragona? This city has become the target of the nautical sector and, to a lesser extent, of social networks due to the presence of the imposing Croissantsister ship of another attributed to the Russian president, responsible for the invasion of Ukraine, and which received economic sanctions for the conflict.

Industry sources warn of the fact. Remember that the colossal boat 135 meters long and worth around 546 million euros at the current exchange rate, has been linked to the properties of the Russian head of state. The link is in Italy, where the Scheherazadea sister ship that the Italian authorities are scrutinizing to find its connection with Putin and, if necessary, enter it.

Italy is investigating

The Italian ship is moored at Carrara Marinadestination in which the New York Times revealed that a review was underway to link him to the Russian president. For his part, the Croissant rests in Tarragona, where he arrived from Cagliari (Italy). The ship tied to Putin Like her brother moored in Spain, they fly the flag of the Cayman Islands. The first was delivered by the German workshop luerssen in 2019, while the second made its maiden voyage in 2020.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in an Aeroflot/EFE plane

the Scheherazade made headlines in Italy, although authorities are still investigating the identity of its ultimate owner, as being domiciled in a tax haven makes it difficult to carry out this type of verification due to the multitude of shell companies interposed with which the true owner of the property is masked this type of property. Something similar to what happens with the Croissant. It has never been possible to trace its owner, which fuels speculation in the sector about its possible belonging to the environment of the controversial Russian president.

Navy: “There are no Russian flags”

Asked about the issue, a spokesperson for Port Tarraco highlighted World Chronicle that “as far as the nationality of the ships is concerned, there are currently none under the Russian flag in the navy”. However, the dealer has promised to follow “all instructions” from the authorities.

Presentation of the port of Tarragona / (YT)

Port Tarraco’s arguments are partial, however. In fact, as the president of the Port Authority of Barcelona (APB) reminded us, Damia Calvet, a few days ago, “no big ship ever flies the Russian flag”. They are domiciled in other jurisdictions, often tax havens. Indeed, the first vessel seized in Spain, the Valerie from Sergei Chemezov (Rostec), is also domiciled in the Cayman Islands. This did not prevent the government from seizing it as a precautionary measure.

Port Authority: “No information”

When the matter was raised with the Port Authority of Tarragona, a spokeswoman pointed out that there was no information on the presence of the concessionaires’ customers. The State Ports entity, added the same voice, controls freight traffic, but not leisure traffic. Tarragona’s position is less proactive than Barcelona’s, since in Barcelona the same Damia Calvet He said his team was preparing an audit to determine if any assets violated the sanctions imposed after the attack on Ukraine.

Damià Calvet (c), President of the Port of Barcelona, ​​docked today / CG

Damià Calvet (c), President of the Port of Barcelona, ​​docked today / CG

The balance of the sanctions in the Catalan capital is, for the moment, a yacht seized as a precaution, the Valerie from Chemezovand a berth also offered at the embargo: that of the yacht dilbarof the tycoon Alisher Usmanov, reference shareholder of Metalloinvest. The vessel is located at Marina Barcelona 92, a maintenance facility and redevelopwhile the berth is located at Marina Port Vell.


But the seizures will be more numerous, according to what the president of the government advanced the day before yesterday. The Executive is working to enforce the sanctions because, as the European Commission reminded this media, the national executives of the 27 are responsible for implementing them. The task is very complex because the technicians have to overcome the front companies and the figureheads filed by yacht owners. Clean calvet named the owners final beneficiaries a few days ago in response to the mercantile lure.

While the executive considers whether to seize other ships, the controversy over the power of the presence of Russian oligarchs on the Catalan coasts rages. Usmanov, for example, came to close part of the walk to take advantage of more security, or to sign the brother of the director of the port of Barcelona as a driver. Other big businessmen operated an apartment with companions next to the pier, which fueled neighborhood suspicion that became a societal debate.

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