Mallorca hosts the first day of the Sustainable Destinations Summit

The Palma Conference Center hosted the first day of the Sustainable Destinations Summit organized by the Consell Mallorca Tourism Foundation, in coordination with the World Tourism Organization. He exposed knowledge on the best practices of environmental, social and economic sustainability that are developed in the world by the hand of various institutional representatives and companies that carry out sustainable initiatives on an international scale. Mallorca was screened.

Consell President Catalina Cladera, Isabel Oliver from the Office of the UNWTO Secretary-General and José Hila, Mayor of Palma, inaugurated the internationally significant event attended by more than 300 participants in person and online.

Cladera expressed his satisfaction that Mallorca is “the world capital of sustainable tourism during the celebration of this international summit” and assured that “we are not satisfied with this, we want to continue to be beyond this meeting”. During her speech, the President highlighted the potential of the island in terms of sustainability, making it a benchmark in the tourism sector. And the fact is that “Majorca is a leading destination in the world, of quality and all year round, with pioneering laws such as climate change, waste and the new law on tourism. Additionally, we have institutions where we are mobilizing resources to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable tourism model, with a historic investment from Next Generation Funds,” added the President.

For her part, Isabel Oliver insisted on the importance of “promoting sustainable tourism that respects human rights” and highlighted the importance of Mallorca as a benchmark for sustainability due to “its ability to innovation, the professionalism of its businessmen and the management of their governments”. The mayor of Palma, who announced the recent approval of the sustainable urban mobility plan in the city, underlined the “need to bet on sustainability to improve the experiences of tourists and the quality of life of its residents, being a work shared between public administrations, the private sector and citizens”.

International panel discussion

The program for the first day included the presentation of leading experts in each of the topics around which the forum was structured: water management, solid waste management, circular economy and data analysis for decision-making in tourism sustainability initiatives.

On this first day, the Minister of Transition, Tourism and Sports, Andreu Serra, opened the talks with the presentation “Majorca, leader in the transition to regenerative tourism”.

Then, the first round table of the summit included the presentation of institutional experiences in water management, such as those of the Balearic Islands with the Minister of Environment and Territory, Miquel Mir, responsible for the development area sustainable tourism of Visit Valencia. , Jaume Mata, and the Deputy Minister of Tourism of the Maldives Islands with Asad Riza. The director of the Marilles Foundation, Aniol Esteban, and the professor at the School of Business and Economics of the University of Linnaeus (Sweden), Stefan Gössling, also participated. The moderator was the vice-dean of the Faculty of Tourism of the UIB, Tolo Deyà.

Private sector representatives also spoke about solid waste management, such as the Director of Sustainable Development for EMEA -Iberostar Hotels, Sandra Benbeniste, the Director of Business Development of Minsait/Indra, Miguel González San Roman, and the Mayor of Benidorm, Antonio Perez.

In addition, the experiences of civil society in the United States were heard, with the CEO of Stina, Nina Bellucci Butler, and the co-founder of an ocean plastic recovery project, Andy Schroeder. The panel discussion was moderated by Toni Munar from Turismoconsulting.

In the afternoon, the forum started with presentations on the circular economy, moderated by José María de Juan, from Koan Consulting. Segittur President Enrique Martínez, Impulsa Foundation Director Antoni Riera, Hotels Garden Comptroller Jaume Ordinas and Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency Deputy Director Elif Balcı Fisunoğlu participated.

The day ended with the data analysis block for decision-making in tourism sustainability initiatives. The debate was moderated by Dolores Ordóñez, Managing Director of AnySolution, and included Dirk Glaesser, Director of UNWTO’s Sustainable Development Programme, Luis Javier Gadea, Director of Tourism Research, Development and Innovation at Segittur , José Javier Ramasco, CSIC researcher at IFISC (CSIC-UIB), Sergio Guerreiro, Director of Knowledge Management and Tourism Innovation of Portugal, and Carlos Cendra, Partner at Mabrian Technologies.

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