Meet Joao Pedro, Italy’s bid to qualify for the Qatar World Cup

The Italian naturalized Brazilian has been called up by coach Roberto Mancini to serve Italy in the UEFA qualifying play-off.

This Thursday, Italy take on North Macedonia in the 2022 World Cup UEFA qualifiers qualifier.

To secure a place in Qatar World Cupthe technique Robert Mancini made another bet on a naturalized Italian Brazilian: striker João Pedro, a big surprise for the Cagliari in Serie A.

Author of 10 goals and 4 assists in the season, the Ipatinga player was recently in the sights of the Palm trees.

as shown ESPN in December last year, the player was encouraged by interest from Palmeiras. However, several factors, such as the fact that the Cagliari he was not interested in getting rid of his main figure, in addition to the possibility of João being summoned by the Azzurra, they cooled the negotiation.

With that, the Brazilian stayed in the Italian squad and continued to show great football. Robert Mancini recognized the player’s big stage and called him up for the playoffs, along with other naturalized players, like the midfielder Jorginhothe side Emerson Palmieri and the defender Louis Philippe.

revealed by the Athletic-MGJoão Pedro has had a career full of ups and downs in football.

In addition to being an idol of Cagliariteam he has been defending since the 2014/15 season, the striker has also defended Saintsplay with the star Neymar.

Abroad, the native of Minas Gerais also wore the jerseys of Penarol (Uruguay), palermo (Italy) and Vitoria from Guimarães and Estorilboth from Portugal.

In interview with ESPNgranted in 2020, the footballer recalled several milestones in his career and life.

Next, remember the most important phrases from the interview:

Admiration for Vanderlei Luxembourg

Joe Pedro He was promoted to the professional team of Galo in 2010, by order of the coach Vanderlei Luxembourg, who had assembled a team of stars. Even so, the boy managed to be a starter.

Vanderlei He was the best coach I’ve had, I’ve always admired him. I was very young, but he didn’t think of names. I wanted the best on the pitch”, declared the current player of the selection of Italy.

A week after visiting Atlético as Mineiro champions, the youngster made his debut against Athletico-PR, in Mineirão, for the Brazilian Championship. After playing just 13 games, he was sold to palermo.

“It was a childhood dream to play in Europe. The Italian league was very strong, because Inter Milan had won the Champions League and Milan had Beckham and Ronaldinho. I accepted the proposal because football is very fast and I didn’t want to let the opportunity pass,” he recalls.

The unknown side of Neymar

In the second half of 2012, Joe Pedro was hired by Saintswho had won the third championship.

“He didn’t want to go back to Europe to play a few more games. Santos trained him murcy and had Neymar, goose and other great players,” he said.

In Vila Belmiro, João Pedro played alongside Neymarwho received him very well in Vila Belmiro.

“We were already friends because we played for a long time in the Brazilian youth teams. It helped me a lot in the adaptation, because he was always a player and electric guy”, he praised.

In this period, the striker has seen an unsung facet of the current star of the PSG.

“He was a guy who really enjoyed training. After games, it’s common for starters to only do regenerative training, but he trained with those who hadn’t played. In physical training, he was always first and had energy to give and sell,” he says.

“It’s not easy to bear so much pressure with so much talent. He’s a very prepared person. I’ve met his whole family, he’s a good guy,” he added.

Idol of Cagliari

Player of the Cagliari Since 2014/15, João Pedro has been a club idol. With a consolidated career, he is one of the most admired players by fans.

“Here they say that all those born in Sardinia only support the Cagliari. Our stadium is always full, no matter where we are in the table. It’s very nice,” he said.

According to the Brazilian naturalized Italian, the A series It’s the toughest championship he’s ever played in, and it’s taught him a lot of new things about football.

“It’s the most difficult football I’ve ever played and it was good. I learned a lot tactically. I was coached by Zdenek Zeman, which attacks with everyone and requires a lot of intensity. I was also trained by (Gianfranco) Zolawho is an idol Cagliari and of chelsea. He taught me a lot of modern things about how to play in England,” he explained.

João Pedro was also trained by Walter Zengaformer goalkeeper for the Italy national team world from 1990.

“He loves Brazilians and gives you a lot of freedom and confidence,” he concluded.

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