New York is ready to reopen: 15 must-sees on your next trip to the Big Apple

After a year of pandemic, New York is ready to fully reopen in July and that’s what awaits you.

To usher in the reopening of the city in July 2021, New York will vaccinate its visitors in the most popular places of interest. With this, it will generate a new wave of tourists with the intention of walking through its streets again, promoting restaurants and all economic activities.

In times when the healthy distance is no longer fought with open spacesthe cultural capital of the United States will allow its tourists to enjoy it outdoors and here are the essential activities not to be missed:

Admire Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park

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There is perhaps no more iconic experience on America’s East Coast than gazing out over Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park. No matter the time of day: it’s always a show the play of light what the city does with a clear sky. For those who like to activate the body, it is possible to run, cycle, practice different sports and even, in season, go fishing.

Go on the New York City Subway at Turnstyle Market

39 stalls. 10 kiosks with different suggestions. 19 dishes From different countries. This variety is what people find when entering the New York City subway at Turnstryle Market. As the name suggests, this is an underground space with an impressive range of food and shopping at relatively affordable prices.

Located below 8th Avenue, between 57th and 58th Street, is designed for those who have visited the city several times and want to find alternatives beyond visiting traditional museums, but They don’t want to overspend either..

get lost in the subway

New York
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You can’t say that the New York subway is known without first get lost in one’s bowels. It is the largest rail transportation system in the United States and arguably the one that receives the most people per day in the entire country. After the pandemic, he returned to operate 24 hours a day, non-stop, throughout the year. Street musicians, heads of state, passers-by and businessmen cohabit there, as if the social hierarchies were indistinct.

Stand at the foot of the Statue of Liberty

South of Manhattan, New York’s Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French government, in honor of the signing of the American Declaration of Independence. Since the 19th century, it has been a new beginning banneras well as emancipation of the oppressed.

For this reason, it attracts millions of tourists every year. Currently, it is possible to book tickets to go up to the Ferry that connects the city to the island where is the statue Besides the famous point of view which literally crowns the woman’s head, it is possible stay on the grassby simply observing the city’s skyline.

Be dazzled by the lights of Broadway

Although ideally the experience is not complete without attending a function, Broadway billboards and advertisements put on a show of their own. In times when the healthy distancing remains a social imperativeit is enough to walk under the light of the thousands of screens which recall the next reopening of theaters, cinemas and entertainment centers along the avenue.

Discover (again) Central Park

central park
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People running (with face masks). Some bird watching enthusiasts. A few kayakers enjoying the lake bed. Someone walking their dog while listening to a street jazz player. Sit back and people watch in Central Park it’s an experience in itself. In Italy, this custom is known as sweet idleness (the pleasure of doing nothing), but certainly can be applied to New York scene. Due to its enormous dimensions, cycling through it is also an option.

eat a pretzel on the street

New York would lose some of its essence without street food carts. Even more if the pretzels weren’t there: golden, salty and gigantic, are part of the dialogues of the people, the rush of the city and the transience of each day, which seems to end too quickly. Going there without eating one is, without a doubt, an error.

Discover the High Line on foot

New York
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There are few experiences quite like traversing New York from above. Just over 2 kilometers long, the High Line offers this possibility. It is an urban park created on old railway lines which flies over several blocks of Manhattan, like a raised platform to view the city from above. The High Line runs through Chelsea and other West Side neighborhoods combining art and scenery.

Enter the MET and MoMA

Just as Paris has the Louvre, New York has the MET and MoMA. In general, it is better to avoid visits on Fridays around noon, because the works of art are inaccessible. It is worth going there early in the morning, just after the theaters open, to have a solo experience, more intimate. For students and teachers, moreover, there are always discounts worth taking advantage of.

Enjoy the gastronomic richness of the city in Little Italy

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The migration of different groups throughout the 20th century has made New York a mosaic city. Just as there is a Chinatown, Little Italy was formed with the roots of people who came to work in the United States from the Italian peninsula. From there they brought the good taste of Roman and Sicilian cuisine. For this reason, sit down to drink coffee in one of the typical restaurants of the neighborhood is an additional point to the New York experience.

Listen to gospel in Harlem

Being part of the old Manhattan suburbs, it lent itself to the the city’s black population moved to Harlem. With it, African-American traditions have largely flourished. Maybe the most powerful spiritual experience among them is a mass accompanied by gospel, the sacred song typical of Christian religious rites. In New York, there’s no better place than this to hear it. For tourists, perhaps the most convenient is go during the day.

Visit the American Museum of Natural History

New York
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This classic loudspeaker is made up of 27 interconnected buildings. In total, he has 46 permanent exhibition halls, in addition to a wide variety of laboratories for different scientific disciplines. From dinosaurs to human evolution and biodiversity origin of the universe: the museum tradition of dioramas and fossils mixes with technology in one of the Big Apple’s must-see places. Unlike other museums, it is currently only open Wednesday through Sunday.

Go to the Sex Museum

Also known as MoSex, the vibe of this space is not to arouse the viewer’s curiosity. On the contrary, he seeks a vision anthropological, artistic and global body and sexuality Throughout history. He thus offers a social look at pornography, masturbation and other phenomena related to human intimacy.

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Appreciate the different types of architecture in New York

Beyond the impressive view afforded by the skyscrapers, New York is a city that stands out for its architectural development. Just as it is possible to appreciate works typical of the modernism, neo-gothic and art deco buildings to live with megaprojects that are being built today. This aesthetic mixture, for some, is even kitsch and provocative.

See the city skyline from a ferry

New York
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In addition to the tours to go to Liberty Island, another imperative when visiting New York is to take a ferry to Staten Island which allows you to enjoy the skyline. at sunset. Timing options are flexible, as it is common for a new spell every hour. It could be the end point of a visit of several days, to close in beauty the visit of the reopening of the Big Apple.

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