Nicole Neumann has confirmed that she is going on a trip to Europe, just for the date of birth of the son of Fabián Cubero and Mica Viciconte

The relationship between Fabián “Poroto” Cubero’s ex-wife and her current partner has never been good. In reality, whenever they could, the sparks of Nicole Neumann and Micaela Vicionte were suppressedand even threatened to go to court.

A few days (they have a due date for next May 7) of the birth of the finalist’s son Master Chef Celebrity and former soccer player, Neumann revealed he was due to go on a trip on those dates.

“You are going on a trip days before Fabián and Micaela became parents . There was a lot of speculation about it.”asked Alejandro Guatti, mobile player of Intruder in the showon American television. “I don’t know, you’re just speculating, I I plan my life according to my family“, replied the model.

Nicole Neumann with her three daughters, Indiana, Allegra and SiennaGrosby Group

To further support her position, Nicole later explained that it was a trip that had been on the agenda for a long time because it is a date on which his partner and racing driver, Manuel Urcera, has a race scheduled. With respect to Indiana, Sienna and Allegra, the program member the 8 steps assured that this time they will stay with the father, so they will be part of Luca’s arrival and they will share this great family event.

Guatti then asked him if they had been able to solve the problems that had arisen during Nicole’s last trip with the girls, when Cubero was angry because the oldest traveled first and alone with Urcera and soon after, he reunited with Nicole and the rest of her daughters. “I always said there was no conflict here. Fortunately we are all beautiful”. “Everything is barbaric”closed, and ran to pick up her daughters from school.

Manu Urcera, partner of Nicole Neumann, when traveling with Nicole and Cubero's eldest daughter
Manu Urcera, partner of Nicole Neumann, when traveling with Nicole and Cubero’s eldest daughterInstagram @manurcera

back to the workshop intrudersthe panelists revealed that the model will travel to Europe and Virginia Gallardo recalled that some time ago Nicole said that I didn’t want to be on the scheduled date because everyone will go looking for her and she prefers to respect this moment of her ex’s new family. “Here, you have to give him the right, he’s right, he gives in,” harangued Gallardo.

The fights that Mica Viciconte and Nicole Neumann had over the image of Cubero’s daughters seem to have been over. does during the broadcast of the first part of the final of Master Chef Celebrity yesterday on Telefe, where Mica vies with Tomás Fonzi for first place, Cubero was with his daughters to support Viciconte, a gesture unthinkable some time ago.

“Mica, introduce us to your family”, offered the driver to the former participant of fight in the first stage of the final which started this Sunday and will end today, Monday. She then expressed: “Well, my partner, who already knows him, and my daughters-in-law”; While he was speaking, in front of the camera, the ex-footballer exhibited himself in the company of Allegra and Sienna.

“Beans” Cubero and his daughters went to cheer on Mica Viciconte last night at the start of the MasterChef Celebrity FinalsCapture

The oldest, Indiana, was not present at the scene. “There’s one behind the camera because she’s more ashamedMica clarified. “You can sit down to see how you work,” Del Moro insisted, but Viciconte remarked, “Let him do what he wants.” Ever since he began dating Cubero in early 2018, Mica has always made it clear that his intention is to maintain a good relationship with the three girls and so he reflected all the time.

With this scenario, the presenter addressed the two miners directly, and asked them: “Did you come to support Mica? How is she?”. Following her question, Allegra, 11, replied with a scathing comment that made Mica laugh: “She is good and affectionate, when she wants…”. “Still, they must like him very much to accompany him here tonight,” Del Moro replied, as the two nodded.

Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero will welcome their first child, Luca, in May
Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero will welcome their first child, Luca, in Mayinstant

Then the driver looked at Cubero and asked him if he served as a juror in his home. From a chicana directed towards his partner, the footballer fired: “I smile more than the jury, but I am demanding. I really like to cook. I cook more and better than her”.

In this regard, Del Moro recalled that he had been invited to participate in the reality show, but that he did not accept. “From the first season we invited you and you were offended”, he said. But without falling behind, the athlete explained: “They end up firing me. Standing up and listening to what they tell you is difficult. And other, with the faces that make you… even worse. More anger gives you inside,” he said.

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