Shock in Italian football: Catania, the first club managed by Diego Simeone in Europe, has disappeared

Diego Simeone passed through Catania in 2011 (Efe)

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) formalized the disappearance of the Catania Calciumcurrently in Serie C, having revoked the Sicilian club’s affiliation with the federation itself and released its players, who can now go to other teams for free.

“The Federal President, having taken note of the declaration of bankruptcy of the company Calcio Catania, has decided revoke the affiliation to the insolvent company Calcio Catania, with the publication of the player’s files »FIGC expressed through a statement.

Thus, the club through which important figures of Argentine football have passed, should bet on a refoundation and start a new adventure of the country’s non-professional categories.

After the arrival of Diego Simeon in 2011 banked in what was his first experience as a coach in Europe, Argentine names like ex-Boca Juniors started joining Paul Ledesma (in 2012), Paul Barrientos (2011), Maxi Lopez (2012), the Papuan Gomez (2013) and Gonzalo Bergesio (2011) among others. The last to arrive in Catania had been the defender John Cruz Monteagudoof New Chicago.

“There are no words, I found a city; a team, a hobby, which made me feel Catalan. As a team, we did everything, leaving our hearts in the field, knowing all the problems we encountered. I can only say that Catania never dies! Thank you”the 26-year-old wrote on his social media.

This revocation of affiliation by the FIGC, which means, for the moment, the disappearance of the team, comes after the Court of Etna (Catania, Sicily, Italy) ordered the cessation of sporting activity at Catania Calcio , who will not be able to play the last four remaining games of this campaign of the bronze category of Italian football.

        Catania was declared bankrupt in mid-December
Catania was declared bankrupt in mid-December

On December 22, the same court declared officially in Catania bankrupt. Since then, adjournments and extensions in offices have become protagonists. Until today, when the tribunehe officially separated the club rossazzurri from group C of the third division, in which they sat 11th with options to enter the ‘play-offs’ for promotion to Serie B.

“It is with great sadness that I must point out that the stoppage of the provisional exercise in the regular season causes serious damage to the championship of Serie C and it is a situation that as president of the League I never wanted to experience,” Francesco Ghirelli, president of Lega Pro Serie C, said in a statement.

The Court’s decision, communicated in Catania, comes after the “Expiration due to violation of the obligation to pay the full amount of consideration” of the businessman Benedetto Mancini, who had presented the only purchase offer for the club, although he had not paid the total amount set for the transaction, around 500 thousand euros, explains the Lega Pro in the letter.

Catania was the first experience in Europe for coach Diego Simeone
Catania was the first experience in Europe for coach Diego Simeone

For its part, Catania has informed through a press release that it will request a “an extraordinary financial intervention, or a contribution from the Lega Proinsofar as it makes it possible to reconcile the interest of the continuity of the current championship with the interest of the collective procedure of the club.

The etneo club, one of the historical clubs of Italy, has been active in Series C since 2015, and the reasons for his fall were not strictly sporting. Catania were relegated from Serie B due to a match-fixing ban. Sincethe entity failed to get out of the well and now the 87-year-old team will not be able to complete the course on grass.

From that moment, the points that the rest of the teams added against Catania during the season are canceledsomething that generated a slight variation in the classification of Group C of the Italian third division.


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