Six YouTube channels that will help you organize your trips

Are you already thinking about the next vacation? Today, many people turn to YouTube when thinking about taking a trip.

We bring you some of the coolest content creators on YouTube that talk about travel to inspire you and help you gather the information you need for your trip.

It’s cool to travel: This channel formed by Gosi, Adri and their children, has 367,000 subscribers and they show the family trips they make to different destinations. Additionally, they create content related to travel such as electronic booksguides, interactive content, maps and, in addition, they have their own website.

You can search their videos for travel ideas to London, Thailand or Japan, among others. They also share video guides to New York, explaining how to get around the subway and very useful tips for staying there, such as the differences between the “City Pass” and “New York Pass” cards.

For Adri it is essentialdon’t take a trip without seeing something about the country first because you’ll enjoy the trip more and you won’t be so lost when you arrive, always have travel insurance and open your mind when organizing it to enjoy the experience in its immensity and thus try new things”. He further states that:I set the budget that the trip requires of me. If a trip asks me to go up to certain places to be able to record them, well in the end I do it because as a communicator I have to show it, since my job requires it. I need to show all the things and try them to be able to comment on them”.

Motorcycle enthusiast

Are you passionate about the motorcycle world and do you like to visit any place with it? Then you must meet charly sinewana YouTube channel with more than 985,000 subscribers and where we find videos of its creator, Charly, traveling around the world on a motorcycle for more than 10 years, facing extreme situations. Among the places he has crossed are El Salvador, Mexico, Mongolia, Indonesia or Madagascar.

Through his experiences he will teach you important things, help you select the best motorcycle to travel the world and give you tips and tricks that will make your travels on two wheels easier. For him, his motto is that he has no plans to travel and he has done it all his life,”Getting carried away with your own journey usually leads to the best experiences. And it’s that Charly is not a usual traveler, he’s a nomad as he defines himself. This is why he states that “The best thing about traveling is dealing with ordinary people, especially in non-touristy areas. Places, monuments, exotic activities, everything that fades into the background when time passes and is always remembered are the people who appeared along the way”.

a different journey on youtube

Are you looking for a different trip? So don’t miss eyelet, a travel channel with 1.59 million subscribers in which Pau, its protagonist, talks about and discovers new cultures and places in his videos. He likes to visit different places or places that are not usually suitable for ordinary travelers. Pau already has a lot of travel experience and recommends doing it”with as little weight as possible”. For him, the best thing is to knowwhat equipment is essential and what is it necessary to bring, especially when traveling abroad”. Moreover, he says that “to get the most out of the trip, it’s best to have a local person or guide who can get things done that you couldn’t do on your own”.

Thinking of going to Disneyland? Alanxelmundo, will help you plan your trip through his channel. Alan is an inveterate traveler who has traveled the world for 11 years and talks about it on his channel made up of 3.12 million subscribers. Among his videos you can take a tour of Disneyland or find out how much money this trip can cost you.

Also, if you are a lover of gastronomic tourism, you will be able to know through their videos which are the best Crepes from the United States, which is the most expensive coffee in the world or the richest hamburgers in Amsterdam, so you can write down all these places so that you can visit them on your next trip. According to Alan, there are three essential tips for planning a trip: “have a financial plan to spend what you can, check that the time of year you want to visit the weather is ideal and travel to the places you have always dreamed of and not those you are told”.

youtube for traveling

extreme sport

If you like adventures and extreme sports, you should follow Traveling with Diego, (35,800 subscribers on his YouTube channel). Diego is a nature and nature lover. sustainable tourism. In his videos you can see him traveling to different parts of the world and Spain, where he will show you different ways to travel and what not to miss in each place. In addition, in his videos he will explain how to combine certain risky sports with tourism and travel.

A fantastic mix! In Diego’s experience, “It is important to be clear that when moving through very different cultures you need to have a lot of patience and a right hand, because there are destinations that can affect you a lot and end up being a bad experience”. Regarding the organization of the courses,I do a mix, some days I organize and other days I let them see how it goes, so there’s a bit of everything. Above all, I like to talk to the locals so that I can feel the place in a more natural way”.

This Saia It is one of the most famous travel content creators and her YouTube channel has 235,000 subscribers. He lived in Argentina and moved to Spain in 2019. On his channel you will find very interesting information to travel comfortably and practically, save money on trips, places to eat, things to do, where to stay and what you can’t miss in each destination you visit. This is usually looking for the cheapest flight, and when it shows up, she books it.

Additionally, he recommends thatflight tickets and hotels are cancellable or at least flexible to avoid headaches in case of unforeseen events”. For her, it is also fundamental, and even more so now in a pandemic, know the conditions of access to a country because there may be last minute changesso he recommends”the week before the trip, be aware of any changes”.

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