The best series for traveling to New York

Anyone who loves movies and television often has an irresistible urge to visit New York. That’s what happens when cameras idealize a place of towering buildings and smoky streets that smell more like frying in person than you might think. And while in sex in new york they created a whole generation of tourists asking for cosmopolitans at cocktail bars, looking for Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment and needing to eat a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery, there are recent fictions that have contributed to the cultural imagination of New York. What could be better than to start with… the rest of Sex in New York.

And just like that (HBO Max)

It’s a New York brand, of course.


From a sequel to sex in new york we could expect a lot from NYC even if the name of the city had disappeared from the title. It must however be assumed that there is no social mix here but only a brand fantasy, rich and without liquidity problems where there is no question of saying that the primary and secondary education of the girls of Charlotte ( Kristin Davis) is worth several mortgages for an ordinary person. But what difference does a fantasy make from time to time, especially if in passing we are told about the issues of maturity and leaving aside the more sexual sphere of intrigue?

Gossip Girl (HBO Max)

Julien and Zoya, two sisters at odds on social networks and friends.

The new ‘Gossip Girl’ again has New York as its main asset.


And, if we talk about upper-class Manhattans, we also have that of gossip Girl. The reboot of the mythical series for teenagers by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage once again places the students of Constance Billard St. Jude’s School on the steps of the MET (that is to say the Metropolitan Museum of New York).

This new breed is more racially and sexually diverse and also a more interesting portrayal of borderline and often sterile social media and activism 2.0 as it is about teenage feuds, this time led by Jordan Alexander and Whitney Peak in as two sisters who barely know each other. (and with the love triangle of Thomas Doherty, Evan Mock and Emily Alyn Lind as the main hit).

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A promotional image of

Hawkeye (Disney+)

Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), two archers against crime.

Christmas and New York, a nice combo.


New York at Christmas. It’s already enough pretension to give a chance to Hawk Eye, which became an unplanned contemporary festive classic with the adventures of Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) shooting arrows at the most magical moment in town. They filmed in Midtown, the East Village, Washington Square Park, Hell’s Kitchen and the unmissable Lotte New York Palace Hotel which has already served as the set for the gossip Girl original as the building where Chuck Bass resided.

Betty (HBO Max)

In the second season, there are masks because it takes place in modern New York.

In the second season, there are masks because it takes place in modern New York.


Visiting New York always means having surprises due to the coexistence of different cultures in its streets. Betty reflects one of those realities: the urban skate culture of a group of women trying to take over the streets after being constantly patronized by men. The designer Crystalle Moselle offers an almost sensory mosaic where young people born in opulence coexist with those from modest residences or who have to spend a large part of their lives in the metro or on the ferry to skate along the avenues, streets and industrial areas with his seal in his hand.

Central Park (Apple TV+)


Central Park, setting of this animated comedy.


An aerial view of New York always leads to the same reaction: to be fascinated by the green space occupied by Central Park, a lung in the middle of a jungle of cement and skyscrapers. And, if anyone is looking for a tender animated comedy that serves as a love letter to the park that is part of our cultural imagination, they have central park a jewel. It is created by Loren Bouchard, head of Bob’s Burgerswith Josh Gad and Nora Smith.

Loving Life (HBO Max)


A Manhattan of art galleries in the first season.


For the romantics we have love life, which in the first season focused on the love story of Darby (Anna Kendrick). In his sentimental odyssey we find stock exchanges in Manhattan with the dream of going further, the world of art galleries and a New York where living together means living in a very small apartment and where you sometimes have to sleep on a sofa. . Let’s see what the second season has in store with Marcus (William Jackson Avery) as the protagonist, a married man who begins to have more chemistry than he touches with another woman.

Only the murders in the building (Disney+)

Selena Gomez approaches character building from the dramatic but without losing the spark in the comedic moments.

Anonymity, one of the virtues of walking around New York.


From the first episode, it is clear that Only murders in the building it has an essence that is many things at once: comedy, mystery, melancholy, loneliness and a love letter to New York. It revolves around three neighbors (Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez) who decide to investigate a murder on their staircase. The best thing is that the building in question, which is called Arconia in fiction, is actually in Manhattan. It’s the Belnord, located on 86th Street on the Upper East Side.

It is one of the few buildings to occupy an entire block, built in 1908, with thirteen floors and a beautiful garden inside. New York is also in the DNA of the series, whether because of the contrasting landscape when the characters embark on a road trip out of Manhattan, allusions to Broadway of the character of Martin Short, who is a producer of theatre, or the anonymous character of the claimed streets. And, extra point, a server thinks it was the best series of 2021.

Suppose New York was a city (Netflix)


Martin Scorsese directs (and interviews) and Fran Lebowitz answers.

EDITORIAL / Other Sources

And in a New York list, you can’t ignore this documentary series as personal as Suppose New York is a city where Martin Scorsese and Fran Lebowitz recount her experiences in a city where she settled in the 1970s and where she had the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with the cream of the cultural and intellectual world. We can more or less agree with his way of describing, praising and criticizing the city (and society) but the viewer can always be amazed by Lebowitz’s gaze and reflections.

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Suppose New York Was a City Fran Lebowitz Scorsese Series

Other less recent proposals?


Lola Kirke and Gael Garcia Bernal in “Mozart in the Jungle”.


The modern, immersive and carefree How to do it in America (HBO Max), the wire’s modern past but not so young russian doll (Netflix), the endearing universe of the New York Philharmonic since Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon Prime Video), the young feminists of a fashion magazine The fat guy (Netflix) and vintage and unfortunately canceled from Revolt of the good girls (Amazon Prime Video), the hidden face of ultra-Orthodox Judaism in Unorthodox (Netflix), Netflix’s Marvel Superhero New York as Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage Yes iron fistthe world of stand-up The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime Video), the Christmas spirit of Dash and lily (Netflix) and the musical and vintage Bronx of Lowering (Netflix).

‘Mozart in the jungle’, ‘The get down’, ‘Russian Doll’ or ‘How to make it in America’ are four essentials

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