The dream lagoon to experience the Maldives

The Indian Ocean breeze flows through your villa. A private swimming pool that merges with the sea, hundreds of blues and the pleasure of walking barefoot under the palm trees. In the Maldives, the adjective “idyllic” takes on more meaning than anywhere else in the world. A group of atolls in the middle of the Indian Ocean where time seems to stand still and the goal is to let yourself be carried away by the vagaries of nature. Sounds good, right?

Once the destination has been chosen, it is time to select the accommodation. A decision focused on maximizing the experience of a trip. You know: sometimes housing is fate. And that’s where OBLU SELECT Sangeli won us over.

Located on the northwest tip of North Malé (or Kaafu) Atoll, this island resort is a 50-minute speedboat ride from Malé International Airport. A walk through the waves until you reach an Eden that seems to be the best of mirages. The beautiful lagoon in which this hotel is located is characterized by its exuberant coral reef, abundance of marine life and sunsets unparalleled in the world.

After disembarkation, a welcome consisting of a cold towel and a refreshing drink is the starting point of the experience through the 137 villas divided into 6 different categories and perfect to enjoy as a couple, in a group or as a family. Spread along the white sand beach or surrounded by crystal clear waters on a wide pier, these villas combine a tropical and modern design with brightly colored furniture where you will feel at home, in a second home far from the terrestrial world. .

With direct access to the beach, on the water, with a terrace or a private swimming pool, all OBLU SELECT Sangeli villas are equipped with the necessary amenities to make your dream vacation come true. The most coveted? Your Honeymoon Water Villa with pool, located on the small neighboring island One Banyan Island, adults only all day.

Always, yes, reserve time for the best gourmet experience. This is well known at OBLU SELECT Sangeli and for this reason their culinary offer is exceptional. From the select buffet The Courtyard, to the snack bar The Sangs and one of its two à la carte restaurants: Just Grill or Simply Veg. And beyond the food, the best cocktails, wines and drinks throughout the day, a symphony of aromas and flavors where the best chefs prepare specialties from all over the world, sometimes under a “Maldivian” filter that enhances local influence.

Simply Veg, the first gourmet vegetarian restaurant to open in a resort of its kind in the Maldives, offers dishes adapted to the growing vegetarian demand without neglecting an iota of international cuisine and traditional local recipes. The perfect fusion between Asian and European flavors to combine with the also vegan Pinot Grigio from Torresella Wines.

The Maldives are also an underwater paradise and its seabed is a dream for diving enthusiasts. Malé Atoll, where OBLU SELECT Sangeli is located, has several must-see dive sites. With an impressive topography carved out of caves and a seabed of a thousand colors, it is the ideal place to dive with manta rays or spot reef sharks.

After diving, there’s nothing like treating yourself to an exclusive Maldivian sand massage at its ELE|NA spa, located on One Banyan Island. A holistic center based on the philosophy of the elements of nature in which the central pillars are air, water, fire, earth and plants, all merged to immerse the visitor in a magical and sensory experience.

OBLU SELECT Sangeli is also the ideal setting for an unforgettable ceremony. A wedding, engagement, anniversary or family event that will be remembered by all attendees due to the exclusivity of the venue and the care and attention they have put into every detail.

Thanks to OBLU SELECT Sangeli and the tailor-made travel agency: Société Géographique des Indes, discover a very special way to enjoy the Maldives by visiting It has never been easier to make your dreams come true.

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