The Maldives: which island to choose?

Yes, there are nearly 1,200 islands to choose from in this part of the ocean Indian. Well, actually, out of that total, only 203 are inhabited. Among the others, many are deserted and a hundred are private. But, even so, it is still difficult to choose one; and even more if we take into account that they are all of extraordinary beauty. There are no ugly ones. They are all from white sand, transparent watersswaying palms and a underwater landscape It looks like something out of a dream world. Marco Polo, when he saw them in the distance, defined them as “the flower of India”.

The more islands are little -can be explored on foot in about 15 minutes- and none of them rise more than 2 meters above sea level. They are distributed in 26 atolls, coral rings spread over 90,000 square kilometers. The islands have been inhabited for over 2,500 years, as they were a crossroads on the Indian Ocean sea routes. Maldives is always on the lists of most desirable trips, but what Isle is exactly the most recommended? The answer is that it depends. It depends on the type of trip you are looking for.

For tight budgets? Maafushi Island

The Maldives have always been considered a luxury destination. Exoticism in its most exaggerated version. Idyllic islands in the middle of the ocean, seaside resorts suspended above the water and a peace worth all the money in the world. It used to be a destination for the wealthy, but since the government approved the opening of guesthouses in 2010, the cost has become more affordable. Today the minimum budget to pass one week in the Maldives is one of the €2,500 and €3,000. But for that, you have to adjust spending on flights a lot and especially in the lodging. The best advice is to look for a stay in one of the nearby local islands the capital Male -except Hulhumale, because it is very close to the airport- and avoid the private islands and the magnificent resortswhose prices can easily reach 300 € per night.

Maafushi is a local island located south of Male, in the kaafu atoll. It is a very popular choice among visitors backpackers or what they travel for freeas it is close to the international airport, is accessible by public ferry ($2), and offers many local and eating is cheap. There are hostels where you can book a room for 50 € per night. In addition, there is local life and it is possible to appreciate Maldivian culture and customs more closely. Slow pace, calm, scandalous beaches, what is called “the sweetness of life”.

For a honeymoon? Baros, Kaafu Atoll

In 1968, after three years of independence from the United Kingdom, the sultanate gave way to an Islamic republic. Thus, the majority of Maldivians profess the Muslim religion, which means, among other things, that the gestures of love are not well seen, the consumption of alcohol is not authorized and the use of the bikini on the beaches is restraint. This does not happen on all islands, only on some, so it is advisable to choose those where you can live your romantic experience to the fullest and without limits.

The truth is that a trip like this, the ideal is to try to make an effort and not skimp too much on the budget. You have to live it intensely. The luxury resort they are the most memorable option. the little Baro Islandin the kaafu atollis occupied by a single station and could be a Good choice for a big honeymoon; and in its category, it is not one of the most expensive islands. And it is a paradise. Customers are treated with the most exquisite attention. But it’s not just beaches and romantic moments, Baros has one of the most beautiful coral reefs of the archipelago.

Traveling with family? Kuramathi, Radu Atoll

The truth is that when the Maldives is mentioned in conversation, we usually imagine a couple walking along the shore of a beach with white sand and turquoise waters. Undoubtedly, it is the mecca of exotic romance. But in recent years, not only the newlyweds leave, the arrival of families has increased considerably. Some resortshave even started to add proposals specially designed for small : as long as they can be accommodated free in the room until the creation of amusement park.

In this sense, the island of kuramathi she is perfect. It is the largest of the six islands of the Rasdu Atoll -2 kilometers from end to end- and its seabed it’s just spectacular. the family activities they are endless. In fact, the station has a submarine and a few excursions to see turtles, sharks or banks of fish a thousand colors A very suitable option for the elderly or very young children who cannot tuba. By the way, on the island you arrive by seaplane. There are 20 minutes of flight during which the children have a lot of fun.

For diving? Kanifushi, Baa Atoll

If you like underwater worldwrite the catchy name of this atoll: bah. It has been declared biosphere reserve by the UN in 2011 thanks to the abundant marine life under its waters. One of the biggest attractions are the fabulous Manta rays. The appearance of this species of giant mantas is due to the plankton that the southwest monsoon, during the rainy season -between May and October- carries until hanifaru bay. There, these fish are concentrated in large numbers to make a splendid gastronomic tribute. The whale sharksbesides, they also usually accompany them to the party.

In the southern part of the atollwe find one of those fascinating islands: a long beach white sand 2 kilometers who goes into the sea until he disappears. There they built one of the most splendid resorts in the Maldives, the Finolhu seaside of five stars, formed by 126 villas of those that hang over the ocean. This hotel has its own diving center where, in addition to the baptism for beginners, they also offer you the possibility of practicing night diving with the help of expert guides.

Do you want solitude and total relaxation? Maafushivaru, in the South Ari Atoll

One of the sensations that travelers most seek when they settle on these islands lost in the middle of the ocean is to feel alone. This is the myth of Robinson Crusoe. The cut, peace, the most absolute contempt for the tyranny of time and stressful civilization. At south ari atoll, Maafushivaru it is about 500 meters long with a wedge shape. two beautiful beaches they extend in front of a lagoon with turquoise waters.

But one of its great attractions is that very close they have a desert islet, Lonubo, for the exclusive use and enjoyment of resort guests. You can take a boat and sail to this small uninhabited island, where it is possible to spend a few days, organize a picnic or a romantic evening with lobster and even enjoy an outdoor jacuzzi. Yes, it’s like doing a Robinson Crusoe, but knowing that they will come for you immediately when you have enough solitude.

Choosing an island depends on the type of trip you are looking for

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