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From April 22 to 29, 2021 – Nº 1 443 – Year 31 – INPI 1983083


“In March of this year, we had the chance to travel and get to know one of the most paradisiacal places on the planet: the Maldives, a very safe country to travel in times of Covid” tells us our friend Sergio Faus, owner of the Santa Rosa Travel and Tourism Company.

Island country
The Republic of Maldives is an island country, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is made up of 1,200 islands, of which only 203 are inhabited, and a small number of them receive only tourists. The country is not organized by provinces or states, but by atolls (groups of islands). The capital is Malé, with approximately 103,000 inhabitants, it is the most densely populated city in the world. The capital Malé is not a tourist island, it only has Velanda International Airport, which is on another artificial island, connected by a bridge to the capital, and serves to connect with other planes , seaplanes or boats, to take tourists to the different islands where the hotels are located.

The tourist islands are very small and there is only one hotel or resort per island.
The complex where we stayed -says Faus-, was made up of two hotels, each on a different island, connected by a bridge from which clusters of Bungalows Suites sur Pilotis (rooms on stilts) emerge on each side in the middle of one of the most beautiful seas we have been to (and we also know other paradises such as Bora Bora in French Polynesia, Hawaii, Easter Island, Bali, Fiji, Mauritius and many beautiful beaches of the Caribbean).

spectacular weather
The weather is incredible all year round, with temperatures between 29º and 39ºC. The water temperature is 29°C on average. November to March is the dry season, and April to October the wettest season, when heavy monsoon showers usually fall in a very short time and then return to enjoy the sunshine.

very safe destination
It’s a very Covid safe country, most of the few cases that have happened have been in the capital Male, where tourists don’t go, because it’s not very attractive, it’s It is the administrative and financial seat of the country. To enter the country, you must present a sample of the negative PCR analysis taken 72 hours before entry. They currently have a very high percentage of the population vaccinated.

All staff working in tourism and hospitality are vaccinated, as they are considered essential. And these days the news has come out, that shortly (when the whole population will be vaccinated), tourists will be offered to be vaccinated upon arrival at the airport. And as for the return to Argentina, our country also asks you to present a negative PCR, everything is very organized: in the hotels there is a medical service which takes the samples and sends them by plane to a laboratory in the capital, and the next day they leave you the test result in an envelope in your room.

We always felt very safe, everything was very professional, respecting the protocols, they always asked you to use hand sanitizer in the common areas (lobby, restaurants, etc.), and if you don’t don’t have any, they always had some available for you to give them the courtesy.

all inclusive
The resort where we stayed had an ‘All Inclusive’ service like in the Caribbean, where all the meals and drinks you want to consume are included. It also includes daytime entertainment in the pools, with Acqua Gym, Yoga, Stretching classes, and many water sports are also included: Water Bikes, Stand Up Paddle, Kayaks, Snorkeling, there are diving in the pool for beginners in this fabulous sport then excursions are offered to dive in one of the best places in the world to see the wonderful underwater life of this Indian Ocean enclave.

At night there is a chill out bar on the beach, with live singers or DJs and later in the theater there are shows or international karaoke.
Being all-inclusive, almost no money is spent during the stay, it can be a boat trip or shopping for souvenirs in the hotel shop.

dream beach
The beach is dreamlike, the sand white and the sea many shades of celestial blue, depending on how the sun’s rays penetrate. You can go into the sea and walk for hundreds of meters, that the water does not cover you and just by walking you see hundreds of fish of different shapes and multiple colors, the type of fish that you see in the documentaries and others that you never see we had seen.
Also near the coast you can see harmless baby sharks and different types of manta rays. If you take a boat trip, you can go see dolphins and whales.

When the tide recedes, a group of islets is revealed, where we can go and take incredible photos, being the only inhabitants of this small island.
The first room we stayed in went straight to the beach and the last few days we had the luxury of staying in an overwater bungalow, overlooking the sea, with a terrace with a double sun lounger and an outdoor jacuzzi overlooking the sea. this paradise. A side ladder led down to the sea, which at low tide is knee-deep.

In the photos you will see that the beaches seem deserted, it is because this paradise is not a mass destination, only hotel guests can be on the beach, which is not very big.
It is very difficult to describe in words the beauty of the Maldives Islands, every day we take hundreds and hundreds of photos, because we cannot believe what we see. It is a destination that everyone deserves to travel to, at least once in their life.

2nd accompanied outing
So, since the trip was so, so good, we decided to open a 2nd accompanied trip to the Maldives Islands, for the month of March next year, in 2022.
If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us and register -explains Sergio Faus-, because it is not a mass destination, places are very limited. This pandemic will pass, there is still time for the travel date and it can be paid monthly. Those who book early will benefit from the best pre-purchase rates.

Other trips 2021 / 2022
The other trips we will make during these 2021 and 2022, accompanied by us, are: Costa Mujeres – Riviera Maya (May 24); Bayahibe and Punta Cana (August), Iceland and Scandinavia (September) and Antarctica and Malvinas Islands (February 2022).

Finally, underlines Faus: we are waiting for you at “Santa Rosa Viajes y Turismo”, at 36 Coronel Gil Street in Santa Rosa. Our agency has the international Safe Travels seal, which guarantees safe tourism, in accordance with all international protocols.
Our email is: [email protected]
You can also communicate by Whatsapp or Cell at 2954 689393 or follow us on our social networks:
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