Traveling to the US and Europe in times of Covid and war: these are the requirements

Buenos Aires — The numbers show that Latin America is outperforming the third wave of Covid-19 infections caused by the Omicron variant. In fact, worldwide the average number of daily cases over the past seven days has been 1,817,503., while on January 19 the average peaked at 4,155,804 new infections, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

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Even so, countries maintain preventive measures at the entrance to their borders to avoid epidemics. The main measure that extends to most nations is the compulsory nature of the complete vaccination scheme against Covid-19. While in United States Yes Europeamong other regions, incorporate an asterisk to this measure: vaccines must be approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

These measures are updated periodically. In Argentina, a report prepared by the Directorate of Migration, dated March 7, 2022, reviews what is required to enter each country.

An aggravating circumstance has been added to this context: the war in Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia, which also affected the air routes of Europe.

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United States

To travel to the United States, the conditions are as follows:

            • Vaccination: Passengers must prove vaccination schedule of at least two doses (including combinations) of FDA and WHO approved vaccines.
            • Test: In addition, all persons authorized to enter the territory must present a negative Covid-19 test carried out at the latest one day before the trip.


To travel to Spain, the conditions are as follows:

            • Vaccination: You must present a vaccination certificate that the Spanish Ministry of Health recognize as valid for this purpose. In other words, it must prove that the holder has received a complete vaccination schedule against COVID-19 of vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Agency or the World Health Organization (WHO).
            • Test: In addition, a diagnostic certificate must be presented indicating the negative result of a test against covid carried out 72 hours before arrival in Spain in the case of a PCR and 24 hours before in the case of a RAT-Test.


To travel to Italy, the conditions are as follows:

            • Vaccination: Italy requires complete vaccination with a vaccine authorized by the EMA carried out less than 9 months ago; complete vaccination with vaccine authorized by the EMA and booster dose.
            • Test: A PCR test (72 hours before) or an antigen test (48 hours before) with a negative result, or a recovery from Covid-19 within the previous 6 months, must also be submitted digitally.

The impact of war

The war in Ukraine has impacted European air routes, and sanctions against Russia have also affected commercial air routes. However, this tragic event did not have too many repercussions in Argentina.

“At the moment there are no effects on scheduled flights as there are no authorized or operated schedules with Russia or Ukraine. Neither directly nor indirectly,” he assured Bloomberg Line. Paola Tamburelli, head of the National Civil Aviation Administration of Argentina. In addition, he clarified that “passengers who may have a flight to said countries, if they want to keep them, they can do so by means of a detour in the last section which does not correspond to the flights that touch our territory”.

Since Argentinian airlines They claimed that the only route they have in operation to Europe is the one to Madrid, and they have not seen a decrease in the occupancy of these flights. But the suspension of the codeshare agreement it had with Aeroflot (Russian airline), in force since 2018, the year of the World Cup, was confirmed weeks ago.

In this sense, the national company clarified that this agreement makes it possible to offer Moscow as the final destination via Madrid (AA to Moscow and Aeroflot to Moscow), three times a week. The agreement was suspended when European airspace was restricted. From Airlines they assured that the impact is not greater, since in 2017 they transported only 17 people through this agreement, and so far this year six.


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