UK Market: Which Destination Triggers 87% Travel Intent?

The government of the United Kingdom eliminated this Friday, March 18 the latest COVID-19 related restrictions and requirements that were still in effect affecting international travel. The gradual lifting of restrictions has boosted British traveler confidence: 57% have already booked overseas holidays for the next 12 months, compared to 44% who had done so in October 2021, according to a report by the travel agencies association British. and tour operators ABTA, which points out that although Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey continue to be the country’s favorite tourist destinations, there is a competitor that has skyrocketed its popularity : the number of people planning to travel to Egypt skyrocketed by 87%. “Although we are not yet back to pre-pandemic levels, our research clearly shows that consumer confidence is returning and things are looking up for the industry,” said ABTA CEO Mark Tanzer.

From this Friday, there will be no need to test or complete whereabouts forms on arrival in the country, in the interest of making Easter travel easier, Boris Johnson’s executive announced, boasting of being “one of the first major economies to remove all remaining restrictions”. will also remain dismantled at the end of the month the hotel capacity intended for travelers in quarantine.

This removal of restrictions makes traveling abroad much easier and cheaper, notes ABTA.

“It’s a historic day for tourists and the travel industry. [por este viernes, cuando se eliminaban las restricciones]. Now people will be able to enjoy their holidays until the last minute without having to think about paperwork or testing when they return to the UK,” says Mark Tanzer.

Now passengers, whether vaccinated or not, will not need to be tested on their return to the UK or complete a passenger locator form.

57% of British travelers have already booked their holidays abroad, according to ABTA.

Thus, 57% have already booked their holidays abroad, a rate close to the levels observed before the pandemic, according to the ABTA. “It is clear that confidence to travel is increasing as restrictions are eased“, he specifies.

Where are Brits planning to travel this first year without restrictions? Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey remain favorite destinations for tourists from the UK who travel overseas, but ABTA’s analysis of this year’s travel intentions reveals that other destinations are climbing the popularity rankings.

Thus, comparing travel intentions from 2019 to this year, the number of citizens planning a vacation to Egypt increased by 87%, while those planning to travel to Malta increased by 51%, to the United Arab Emirates, a 31%, in Portugal 30%, and in Mexico 26%

Cabe recordar que 2022 será un ejercicio clave para Egipto, de la mano de las grande celebraciones como la inauguration del Gran Museo Egipcio (GEM), el 200 aniversario del desciframiento de la Piedra de Rosetta y el centenario del hallazgo de la tumba de Tutankamón, among others.

“All of these destinations promise sunshine, sandy beaches and a wealth of things to see and do, while welcoming British tourists with only a vaccination certificate, a recovery certificate or a negative COVID test, or no test. COVID at all.” requirement, in the case of Mexico,” he recalls.

UK leads the world in lifting all remaining COVID-19 travel restrictionsand today’s announcement is a testament to the hard work everyone in this country has done to implement the vaccine and protect each other,” the Transportation Secretary said. Grant Shaps, announcing the end of the restrictions. “I said we would not keep the travel measures in place any longer than necessary, and we are complying with that today.bringing more good news and greater freedom for travelers ahead of the Easter holidays,” he added.

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