What you need for your next trip and stay germ-free

By Kaitlyn McInnis

It’s no secret that the travel experience isn’t exactly the most hygienic, even with new pandemic-era precautions. From airport security bins to airplane seat backs to seat belts, there are bacteria and germs lurking in nearly every corner throughout the travel experience.

According to a 2018 study by the British University of Nottingham, many details affect even the strongest stomachs. The biggest culprit for spreading unwanted viruses is the plastic security tray you find at the start of your airport experience. Other studies suggest that E. coli bacteria have been detected in the pockets of seat backs and headrests.

That said, all is not lost when it comes to a more hygienic travel experience. We spoke to a handful of travel experts and avowed germophobes to get their top tips and insights on how best to protect yourself from germs, viruses, bacteria, and more.

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer

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This item should be on any traveler’s packing list. β€œTravel-sized hand sanitizer is a must,” says Nick Mueller, COO of HawaiianIslands.com. For hand sanitizer, Mueller suggests making sure to choose a brand like Germ-X ​​or Purell over more odor-focused options, as they’re generally stronger and more effective at killing bacteria. .

Antibacterial Wet Hand Wipes

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β€œDoors, tables, chairs and even switches are breeding grounds for viruses,” says Anton Radchenko, founder of AirAdvisor. “Wipes are great for disinfection, and they’re easy to carry and dispose of.” Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes are a great option for travel thanks to their resealable pocket-sized packaging. The aloe-based formula is also a great option for those with sensitive or dry hands.

Amazon Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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β€œAs a medical technologist, and especially since Covid, I guess there are germs everywhere,” says Deb Hendricks, founder of Introvert With Itchy Feet. β€œI always travel with a few microfiber cloths that I moistened well with Lysol in a reusable bag.

Hendricks suggests taking the time to clean armrests, trays, hotel doorknobs, sink faucets, and especially your hotel remote. Also note that the sprouts will take three minutes of contact time.

Yiderbo Mask 50 Pieces Black KN95

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A face mask is an essential tool to keep us safe from covid-19 and other airborne germs and viruses. However, the type of mask is important. N95 or KN94 masks have no space for outside air to pass through the nose or mouth if worn correctly, so these types of masks are more suitable for enclosed areas such as airplanes.

EverSnug Travel Blanket and Pillow

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“Bring a blanket in case you’re on a long trip to help greatly reduce contact with other surfaces,” suggests travel expert and blogger Michael Freeby. “I find traveling at this time very stressful and I prefer to hide under a blanket and fall asleep.” This plush option is great, thanks to its travel-friendly size and the ability to use it as a pillow or blanket.

Adidas Women’s Adilette Comfort Slides

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β€œOne tip I always recommend when traveling is to keep in mind how dirty hotel room floors are,” says Kimberley DeLauro, founder of Ready Aim Travel.

According to DeLauro, a simple way to avoid tracking these germs to your bed is to wear a pair of sandals when you’re in your bedroom. Most people have a pair for their trip anyway, so it’s an easy decision to make. β€œYou’ll also want to keep your clothes off the floor, so using the dresser or closet to hang your clothes will keep them much cleaner overall,” DeLauro adds.

Bottle of Larq disinfectant

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The Larq bottle not only helps reduce your carbon footprint on the go (goodbye plastic bottles!), but also ensures that the water you drink is free of harmful viruses, bacteria and parasites. The bottle uses UV technology to kill 99.99% of all bad guys with just the press of a button. It also has a self-cleaning feature to help avoid the musty smell from the water bottle.

cell phone sanitizer

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We’d rather not think about it, but the average cell phone is one of the dirtiest objects we come into contact with on a daily basis. As such, the PhoneSoap 3 is an essential travel companion. Not only does it safely sanitize your phone using UV technology, but it also comes with a wireless battery that can charge iPhone and Android devices.

Wynd Essential Smart Personal Air Purifier

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Studies show that air purification systems and proper ventilation are among the best ways to keep airborne viruses from swirling around and potentially making you sick. A personal air purifier like the Wynd Essential will help protect you from viruses and bacteria whether you’re in the airport lounge or your hotel room, thanks to its heavy-duty medical-grade filter.

Medd Max Airplane Seat Covers

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Germophobes swear by protective airplane seat covers. This reusable device easily fits over most economy seats and will create a protective barrier between you and the baddies lurking in your seat and between seat cushions.

Fomin Antibacterial Paper Soap Sheets for Hand Washing

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Hand sanitizer is great, but antibacterial paper soap sheets are a great alternative for anyone who may suffer from dry hands. These compact portable soap sheets can easily slip into your bag or be removed and removed as needed. Each sheet provides enough foaming soap for just one wash and leaves no residue.

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