Air freight and passengers continue to grow: ACI

Airports Council International (ACI, for its acronym in English) reported that in 2021 passenger movement recovered 25% although still below pre-pandemic levels, however, the load continues to grow since the end of this period with an increase of 15% and exceeding pre-pandemic figures by 3.5%.

“Passenger traffic rankings tell the story of an encouraging recovery trend, with most of the busiest airports returning to the top prior to COVID-19. multiple obstacles, the momentum created by the countries’ reopening plans could generate an increase in travel in the second half of 2022″, commented Luis Felipe de Oliveira, global director of the organization.

He detailed that the total number of passengers worldwide in 2021 was close to 4.5 billion, which represents an increase of almost 25% year-on-year, although it is still a a drop of more than 50% compared to 2019.

Passenger traffic at the 10 busiest airports, which together account for almost 10% of global traffic (463 million passengers), saw a 51.8% increase compared to 2020, but is still down 29 .1% from pre-pandemic levels. .

Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport Atlanta leads the 2021 standings again, followed by Dallas/Fort Worth and Denver. After reaching first place in 2020, Guangzhou Bai Yun slipped to eighth place in 2021.

Eight of the top 10 airports for passenger traffic are in the United States and the other 2 are in China. The top 10 airports have a significant share of domestic traffic, the segment that has led the global recovery. The biggest improvement ever was Orlando’s jump from 27th place in 2020 to seventh in the past year.

“ACI World continues to advocate with governments to track data and ease travel restrictions to safely restore the flow of people, goods and services. This will provide travelers with more travel options and will drive global recovery through aviation’s unique role in stimulating trade, tourism, investment and job creation.”

As for international passengers, pointed out that among the top 10 busiest airports, Dubai Airport has remained in first place for the past 3 yearsonly last year recorded a total of 29.1 million passengers.

In this section, Cancun International Airport it is in tenth position, with 13.2 million international passengers; Additionally, it was reported that of this list of airports, Cancún is the closest to recovering from the numbers it recorded in 2019 of -19.7%.

“ACI World’s passenger traffic rankings tell the story of an encouraging recovery trend, with most of the busiest airports returning before COVID-19 to the top,” said de Oliveira.

Freight and aircraft movements

With regard to the movement of air cargo, The agency specifies that this sector was less affected by COVID-19, since it experienced an increase in its volumes of nearly 15% over one year.even down 3.5% from 2019, also recorded an estimated record of 124 million tonnes in 2021.

Volumes at the top 10 airports, which together accounted for around 25% (34.2 million tonnes) of the global total over the past year, were up 12.4% and 15% from 2019 results You can attribute to the continuous increase in demand for consumer products and pharmaceuticals online.

the Hong Kong International Airport has regained the top position and that of Memphis came back in second place, followed by Shanghai Pudong.


ACI World estimates there were over 69 million aircraft movements worldwide in 2021which represents a gain of more than 12% compared to 2020. The top 10 airports represent nearly 8% of world traffic (5.3 million movements) and have experienced a gain of 33.9%, even representing a drop of 16.1% compared to 2019.

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport leads, followed by Chicago O’Hare and Dallas/Fort Worth. The top 10 airports for aircraft movement are in the United States.

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