Compulsory vaccination sparks first major anti-vaccine protest in Greece | coronavirus | D.W.

Thousands of people demonstrated last night (14.07.2021) in several Greek cities in the first massive anti-vaccine demonstration of the pandemic, against the government’s decision to force health workers to be vaccinated and to limit the closed spaces of hotels and leisure for those inoculated.

Around 3,000 people gathered in central Athens alone, without maintaining safe distances and virtually without masks, although there were also protests in other cities such as Thessaloniki in northern Greece , Patras, in the Peloponnese, or Heraklion, in the island of Crete. .

Many demonstrators waved Greek flags and religious signs, several raised crosses and Orthodox icons outside the parliament building in Syntagma Square, while protest slogans were mixed with the national anthem and other nationalist chants .

Among the banners they carried from Omonia Square to Parliament, one read “No to compulsory vaccination. Yes to individual freedoms, to free choice. No to state participation in medicine” or “No to separation, no blackmail, no terrorism”.

The demonstration was organized by the “Freedom Again” movement, led by a cardiologist who launched an appeal on Facebook, assuring that “any medical practice against the will of the patient is prohibited” and described the conservative New Democracy government as “fascist”. (ef)

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