Easter: 5 recommendations to avoid a short circuit at home during your trip

Easter: 5 recommendations to avoid a short circuit at home during your trip. (Picture: capture)

travel in Holy Week It is an ideal opportunity to discover several places, to escape the routine and to share new experiences. However, just as important as the vacation planning the same are the precautions to take inside the house before leaving it, since Some accidents could leave the house in unfavorable conditions.

When families choose to travel, as is the case Holy Week, the number of days they leave home alone is regular. Remember that this date starts with holidays on Thursday, so we would be talking about 4 days when the house is empty. Faced with this, most people prioritize the protection of their property against possible theft and other theft-related damage; however, he neglects and leave aside the possible damage that may occur from inside the house, which can end up being very devastating.

“When they go away for several days, people’s biggest concern focuses on how to protect the house against external dangers, such as theft, and a fundamental aspect to safeguard the integrity of houses, which is security and electrical prevention, is neglected. of short-circuits ». says Fernando Gainza, commercial director of Celsa.

According to statistics from the General Corps of Volunteer Firefighters of Peru (CGBVP), So far this year, about 260 short circuit emergencies have been handled nationwide. The data may be increased if measures are not taken to prevent this type of accident on the dates when you will be away from home.

In this sense, the specialist provides five recommendations to prevent a short circuit from occurring in your home:

1. Keep the electrical system in good condition. Having cables that are exposed, deteriorated or of questionable origin increases the risk of fire. Before moving, it is essential to carry out an assessment of the network, replace the necessary connections, check the insulation and choose quality and safety conductors with materials that guarantee optimal operation.

2. Disconnect the equipment. Before going on holiday, it is advisable make sure electrical appliances are unplugged because sometimes power surges cause failures in devices or cause short circuits.

25-03-2015 Plug, sockets, electricity, bill, light, switch POLITICS EUROPE SPAIN ECONOMY
25-03-2015 Plug, sockets, electricity, bill, light, switch POLITICS EUROPE SPAIN ECONOMY

3. Do not leave mobile phone or laptop chargers plugged in. This negligence may come from a increase in electricity consumption, and in the bill to be paid, to major accidents, such as fires and explosions, because these devices are not designed to be permanently plugged into the wall.

4. Lower the general key. This option is the solution that will put an end to any type of risk of short circuit. However, you must take into account that when you lower the key, Absolutely all equipment that feeds on electrical energy will stop working, such as refrigerators or security cameras. You have to make a decision and see what is most important to you. If you want to keep security cameras, you should strictly adhere to all other recommendations and leave this one.

5. Check the electrical panel. It is advisable to check the condition of thermal switches, differentials and to verify that the circuit is not overloaded. Conservation of these artifacts will reduce the risk of electrocution.

Unfortunately fires due to short circuits occur through ignorance or negligence. Avoiding accidents of this type is very simple and is done with a culture of prevention.

“It is important to understand that the culture of prevention is a duty that we have towards ourselves and towards those around us. Checking the connections, frequently, can save our wealth and our lives”concludes the specialist.

Electrical box (Photo: Alberto Ortega - Europa Press - Archive)
Electrical box (Photo: Alberto Ortega – Europa Press – Archive)


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