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If you have not yet decided where to travel during these long Easter holidays, remember that on the Y tú qué planes.com platform of Promperú, more than 300 travel and accommodation offers are available with discounts of up to at 74% in the 25 regions of the country. .

These promotions, coordinated by Promperucome from formal tourism companies, and with this they seek to encourage visits to the 25 regions of the country through travel options and short tours of 1 to 3 days, or more comprehensive trips of 4 or 5 days .

Here are some of the most interesting offers offered by the platform And you what plans.com for this Holy Week.

Full day

Machu Picchu full day

An interesting offer of a full day to discover the Peruvian tourist banner at the price of 759 soles. The offer includes mobility for pick up from the hotel to the train station, the train ticket and the bus that takes you to the archaeological complex. And the same for the return after visiting the wonder of the world.

It also includes a tourist guide and the entrance ticket to the inca citadel. Does not include accommodation or food. More details in the following link.

Ayacucho and the turquoise waters of Millpu

Those who wish to know this fabulous tourist attraction in the Ayacucho region, there is a full day offer at the price of 95 soles, which includes round trip transfer in tourist mobility from the Huamanga Main Square to the turquoise pools of millpu.

Along the way, there is a brief stop at Belvedere of the Condorcaque and in Patacoccha, from where begins a 20-minute walk to the pools and waterfalls of Millpu. Does not include food or entrance ticket to the tourist attraction. More details in the following link.

Relaxing mangroves in Tumbes

For those who want to travel to Tumbes and know the Tumbes National Mangrove Sanctuary, there is a one-day offer at the price of 55 soles. This offer includes a visit to Puerto Pizarro and a visit to the protected area in the sectors of the bird island and the Whale Island.

The services envisaged are round trip mobility from the passenger’s hotel in Tumbes, transfer by minibus to Puerto Pizarro and by boat to tour the mangroves. This offer does not include accommodation or food. More details on the offer below link.

Huancavelica, Andean beauty

This full day offer at the price of 99 soles includes transport in mobility and guide during the visit of the lagoons of Pultocc Chico, Pultocc Grande and Choclococha.

Also the visit of Snowy Chonta, located at 4,825 meters above sea level; and to the city of Choclococha. Does not include accommodation or food. More details in the following link.

Cajamarca, the Alameda de los Incas, Namora and more

For those traveling in the area, there is this day trip offer at the price of 180 soles. Includes visit to the complex Qhapac Ñan visit the Alameda of the Incas. Then we visit the neighborhood of Encañada to learn more about the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Rosario de Pollocbeautiful religious construction worked by the Italian congregation of Don Bosco in coordination with the Polloc town center.

The journey continues to the city of Namorathe land of guitars and capulí, where you can visit artisans specializing in the manufacture of guitars and also the Alfajor house to taste this delicious Cajamarcan dessert.

Then visit the San Nicolas Lagoon to navigate its almost 2 kilometers of extension in a boat built with reeds and appreciate its scenic beauty, as well as the many endemic and migratory birds. The visit culminates in the neighborhood of Jesús, known as the land of corn and guinea pigs, to visit its suspension bridge and appreciate the beauty of its main square and the prodigious pottery made by its renowned artisans. This offer does not include accommodation or food. More details in the following link.

Tourist packages

The organized trips offered for this Holy Week they range from two days and three nights to five days and four nights.

The Ugly Road

This three-day and two-night package at the price of 530 soles allows you to visit emblematic tourist sites of the Moche Route, in order to learn about the remarkable cultural heritage of civilizations Ugly Yes Chimu in the regions of Lambayeque and La Libertad.

The first day you visit the Sun and Moon Huacasthe Ugly Museum, craft workshops; the chan chan citadel and its site museum, ending with the iconic Huanchaco Beach where you can see the traditional caballitos de totora used by local fishermen.

The second day we visit the city of Chiclayo, the archaeological site Cracked HuacaThe century Bruning Museum and the awesome Sipan Royal Tombs Museum.

On the third and last day, we visit the El Brujo archaeological complex, the Cao Museum where the body and funerary objects of the Lady of Caoand the city of Madeleine de Cao. The offer includes two hotel nights in a double room, breakfast, transfers and entrance tickets to tourist attractions. More details in the following link.

Holy Week in Tarapoto

This trip offer of three days and two nights, at the price of 292 soles, includes on the first day the visit to the city of Lamas to see the belvedere and the imposing castle, as well as the visit to the traditional indigenous quarter Quechua Wayku.

The second day is a full day with a visit to the district of the willow to see the beautiful Blue Lagoon and take a motorboat ride. A visit to the tourist recreation of El Caño is also developed, where its beautiful waterfalls and pools of crystal clear water stand out.

On the third day, visit the waterfalls of Aguashiyacu and the belvedere which allows to appreciate the fabulous Cordillera Escalera. The offer includes two hotel nights in the city of Tarapoto, two breakfasts and one lunch when visiting the Blue Lagoon, transfers and entrance tickets to attractions. More information in the following link.

Magic at Pacaya Samiria

This three-day, two-night travel package priced at 1,500 soles includes a trip to the town of Nauta on day one, then a descent down the Marañón River to visit the Casual Farm, where you’ll spend the night.

On the second day, you visit the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge accommodation. The tour allows you to walk through the formidable Restinga Forest, where you can appreciate the great diversity of flora and fauna that characterizes this impressive protected natural area.

On the third day, a visit to the native community takes place San Jorge Cocha Shiriyacu, where you can appreciate the beauty of the landscapes, the biodiversity and a day of artisanal fishing. This offer includes transport from the airport and hotel to places to visit, accommodation, catering and entrance tickets to tourist attractions. More information in the following link.

Amazonas, Yana Yacu and Monkey Island

This offer for the Loreto region is for five days and four nights at the price of 850 soles. Includes visits to the port of Bella Vista and enjoys the confluence of the Amazon and Nanay rivers. Then you go to the Don Pedrito farm to stay at the Amazon Queen Lodge. After lunch, we visit the town of Timicurillo to appreciate the customs of its people and learn about medicinal plants.

The next day, visit the island of Neyser where you can see a wide variety of Amazonian animals that are preserved there. Then you visit a butterfly farm where you will learn about the breeding and reproduction of the beautiful Amazonian butterflies.

On the third day, the indigenous Amazon community is visited yagua, visit to the artisanal sugar factory and night walk. The fourth day is a full day with a visit to the Yana Yacu River to appreciate the impressive Amazonian forest and the biodiversity it shelters.

On the fifth and last day, visit the Monkey Island, where you can see the different species of Amazonian monkeys preserved in this place. Then you return to the city of Iquitos.

The offer includes transport from and to the airport, accommodation, full meals, transfers and entrance tickets to the tourist places visited. More information in the following link.
Here are some of the most viewed offers by travelers who visit the platform and you what plans.com.

short trips

The app And what are your plans – Short Routes It is a great free tool available for mobile devices in Android and iOS operating systems, the main functionality of which is to show users the options of nearby attractions.

It currently offers more than 145 short circuits throughout the territory (34 circuits and 245 attractions in the north; 55 circuits and 285 attractions in the center; 56 circuits and 339 attractions in the south). The app provides destination and tourist attraction information, maps, weather, driving directions and other nearby attraction data.


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