How much does a trip to New York cost in 2022?

New York is as exciting as it is expensive. However, there are options for every budget. But before you leave some resources to organize your trip.

Organize your trip to New York

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How much does a trip to New York cost in 2022?

For this budget, we will consider a 5 day trip, which I think is the minimum you should spend in the city. Alternatives will also be taken, both in hotels and hostels, and the main paid activities in the city.

In this way, for travelers with a moderate budget in 5 days, sharing with another person and optimizing expenses (i.e. taking advantage of what is free in the city and traveling by public transport) we speak USD 719 per person, or just over 14,000 Mexican pesos.

If your budget is moderate and you prefer a bed in a hostel, the budget per person drops to less than 500 USD or 10,000 MXN. It could even be around $400 if the cost activities are removed.

Below is the detail of the expenses.

Brooklyn Bridge – Photo Mundukos

How much does it cost to stay in New York?

For 5 nights in town in a well-located accommodation, I would say allow at least $150 per night. If you are sharing the room with one person, this quote will be $375 each. This budget would serve you for hotels like the M Social Hotel Times Square New York or the Pod Times Square, with private rooms for two starting at $100. More information and reservation here.

πŸ‘‰ More accommodation and area recommendations here.

Times Square in New York - Photo Mundukos

Times Square in New York – Photo Mundukos

If you’re traveling alone, there aren’t that many options, but there are a few hostels like Hi NYC Hostel with beds starting at $50. The place is in a great location, close to the subway and a short walk from Central Park. More information and reservation here. For 5 nights in a hostel traveling alone it would cost $250.

How much does transport in New York cost?

The answer is simple, for sightseeing where you are going to move around the city, the weekly metro card will be your best ally and the cost is 34 USD (33 USD + 1 USD issue if you don’t have it Again) . This will give you the option to also use the Roosevelt Island Trolley and the bus network. It will also help you to get around from the airport if you are arriving from JFK, just add $7.75 from the AirTrain. That is to say that in total we would be talking about 50 USD of transport.

Important if you are arriving from another airport or prefer another means of transport, you will have to add some to your visit. More details here.

New York subway map - photo Mundukos

New York subway map – photo Mundukos

How much does it cost to eat in New York?

The cost of the meals will really vary.

  • If you are looking for the cheapest prepared meals from supermarkets or delis, or fast food packages at McDonalds are between 8 and 15 USD. The advantage of these systems is that you save tips.
  • If you prefer to sit down to eat in a restaurant, the costs will fluctuate between around 20 and 50 USD.

To have some leeway and include a few snacks throughout the day, I would say budget at least $40 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (at cheap places or famous food carts). Consider that few hotels include breakfast. This may seem like a lot to you, especially considering other destinations around the world, but keep in mind that food in New York is expensive. For 5 days it would be $200 per person.

πŸ‘‰ If your budget is very limited, you can significantly reduce the food if you use the kitchens of the hostel or buy food to share with others, such as family pizzas. Also forget soft drinks and alcoholic beverages and only drink free water in town.

Terrace TimeOut Market in New York - Photo Mundukos

Terrace TimeOut Market in New York – Photo Mundukos

How much do New York attractions cost?

I have good news for you: New York has many free attractions and here is the complete list. However, there are significant costs to consider:

  • An observatory. I think there is no complete visit to New York without going up to one of its viewpoints. Maybe a classic like the Empire State Building or Top of The Rock, or maybe something newer like The Edge or the one inside One World Trade Center. The cost will depend on which one you choose, but I advise you to plan at least 40 USD.
  • A museum. New York has many museums, some even free admission, but not all. So, for this, I recommend you set aside at least 25 USD.
  • Another attraction. I recommend leaving an extra $50 for an attraction or something more of your choice. It could even be tickets to Broadway or the tour that takes you to the Statue of Liberty which costs from 51 USD and can be purchased here.

πŸ‘‰ But a cheaper way is to pay for the attractions together via the New York Explorer Pass, which will cost you 94 USD for three attractions. You can buy it here and save up to 50% compared to buying attractions separately.

The Edge Viewpoint in New York - Mundukos

The Edge Viewpoint in NY – Mundukos

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Complete your trip!

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