How to Find Cheap Last-Minute Flights and Hotels for Easter: Apps and Websites

There are those who have been planning this Easter for months, and there are those who improvise it because suddenly those days when they had to work were free. Or because on the bridge of Holy Week 2022 you feel like traveling. Anyway, it is possible to find accommodation and last minute flights for these days thanks to the excellent offers of apps and web pages for travel, such as these:

Find cheap flights for Easter



Managed by TripAdvisor, one of the largest and most used travel websites today, at the SeatGuru website we can find and compare rates from different airlines, including Low Cost and online travel agencies.

It also allows you to define a series of theft alerts which monitor take-off and landing times, in addition to having 700 seat maps from around a hundred airlines around the world to be able to find the one that best suits our needs, with the possibility of reserving it without having to to wait for the airline itself. the operator gives us one by default


Created to find last-minute flight deals, Iberia’s Flash Deals are like Amazon’s Flash Deals: for a limited time. These offers ask us to be attentive, and as we can see, they allow us to fly in Spain from 44€, or outside the country from 60€.

Air Europa

Other that points to last minute discounts, Air Europa offers in its offers section national and international flights from 30 and 40 euros.

Air Ryan

The most low-cost of all low-cost operators, Ryanair signs for Easter with its scrapping deals. And if the dates suit you, you can fly to France, England or Italy from less than 10 euros – one way.



One of the favorites and most appreciated by users, SkyScanner ands an award-winning flight search engine that compare prices between over a million routes from over 1,000 airlines throughout the world, its scope is therefore global and not limited to certain areas. You can limit flight search options and ffilter results by duration, number of stopovers, airline, class and time of departure and arrival, in addition to the fact that the app detects which airport you have closest to where you are.

And as if that weren’t enough, too It is also used to search for last minute deals in hotels and rental cars. You have it here for Android and here for iOS


Made for take advantage of offers and find cheap flights, Hopper can save the day find an alternative flightbecause this application analyzes billions of flight prices every day to predict the evolution of prices, and sends you a notification when the flight you are interested in has the ticket price at its minimum lowest cost.

The good thing about this app is that it alerts us just when the prices go down and just before they go up, predicting the right time for us to buy the ticket and can save up to 40% of the original the price. You have it here for Android and here for iOS.

Find cheap hotels and accommodation for Easter


One of the most widely used websites and search engines on the Internet to find free rooms, also has a loyalty program that offers a reward system for which of every 10 nights you spend in one or more hotels, the next one is free. In this case you accumulate 1 night for each night of stay at a hotel participating in the promotion. When you have accumulated 10 nights, you will obtain 1 free night with a value equal to the average price of the 10 nights that you will have accumulated to obtain it.


Another of the most consulted websites nowadays and usual in the sector, the best thing about the reservation service is its immediacy, because every time we make a reservation we get immediate confirmation of the process and the stay, Check-in without printing anything and offline maps to arrive and not spend the 4G of the mobile. We can use it to find last minute hotel deals at affordable prices and it offers service in over 40 different languages.


hotel tonight

An app that can be used anywhere in the world, Hotel Tonight takes care of telling you which hotels have rooms available at the last minute, which makes it an ideal app for improvising accommodation if in the end you can/want to go to Sanfermines this week. The app takes care of classify hotels into categories such as Basic, Hipster or Deluxe, to show you the most interesting ones and those that are close to the travel destination or home.


At 2×1, in Google Travel, you can search for hotels and flights at the same time. To see a list, search for a hotel or vacation rental on the services site You can use filters to narrow your searches, such as showing only those with free cancellation policies. You can click on a specific listing to see more details and play it safe.

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