In Dubai: former judge Héctor Yrimia, alleged judicial architect of the Cositorto conglomerate, surrendered

There are no more fugitives in the investigation into the mega-scam in which those responsible for the Zoe organization are accused. in the last hours Former investigating judge Héctor Yrimia traveled to Dubai, who had an international arrest warrant requested by the prosecutor of Villa María, Juliana Companys. With the arrest of the former magistrate, judicial architect of the business conglomerate headed by Leonardo Nelson Cositortothere are 25 suspects arrested for the pyramid scheme.

According to sources from the Public Ministry of Cordoba, the former magistrate was part of the legal area of ​​​​the organization headed by Cositorto and was wanted by Interpol. Until today, in the morning, the former judge and former candidate for deputy to PASO in 2009 was the only defendant who remained at large. A week ago, Cositorto was arrested in the Dominican Republic. Inasmuch as Today, in the morning, another lawyer was arrested, who would have been identified by judicial sources as Gustavo Saavedra.

This lawyer was arrested in Ituzaingó, in a procedure supervised by the prosecutor Companys and, at noon, he was transferred with Cositorto, in the midst of an important security operation carried out by the police of Córdoba.

Arrived at the provincial capital, Cositorto and Saavedra will both be incarcerated in Bouwer prison, where they will wait to be investigated by Attorney Companys. Cositorto, accused of being the alleged leader of the illicit association that allegedly defrauded more than 800 savers in Córdoba, had arrived in Argentina today at dawn, guarded by members of Interpol and the antimafia division of the federal police.

This is how Cositorto arrived in ArgentinaAPF

Two federal agents traveled to the Dominican Republic to search for him. This country expelled Cositorto because irregularities were recorded in the affidavit he filled out when he arrived in the Caribbean country. The leader of Generación Zoe arrived at 12:13 a.m. on Tuesday at Ezeiza International Airport on an Avianca flight.

The situation of former judge Yrimia is different. The former magistrate appeared at Dubai Police Headquarters, where the local Interpol division works, and was arrested when international police checked there was an international arrest warrant for him.

With Yrimia’s arrest, a process begins in which it must be determined whether he entered the emirate regularly. In the event that the authorities of this country find irregularities in the immigration process, they may deport you. The defense of the former magistrate affirms that Yrimia obtained a permanent resident visa in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he lives with his family and carries out commercial and consulting missions, his arrival in Argentina should therefore be preceded by extradition proceedings. The deadlines can only be accelerated if the former judge agrees to be extradited.

Left to right: Gustavo Saavedra, Norman Próspero, Leonardo Cositorto, Héctor Yrimia and Eduardo Llaser, all detained in the case of the alleged mega-pyramid scam through the business conglomerate called Generación Zoe
Left to right: Gustavo Saavedra, Norman Próspero, Leonardo Cositorto, Héctor Yrimia and Eduardo Llaser, all detained in the case of the alleged mega-pyramid scam through the business conglomerate called Generación ZoeTwitter/@my2cents

The lawyers of the former judge, Martín Magram, Gerard Gramática Bosch and Débora Ruth Ferrarithey disseminated, in a press release, the position of the defense against the prosecution and the request for his arrest.

“Mr. Héctor Luis Yrimia appeared in March, through his lawyers, spontaneously in the cases pending in Buenos Aires and Villa María, province of Córdoba. On April 12, given the existence of an arrest warrant, the legitimacy of which is legally called into question by this defence, Mr. Yrimia, voluntarily, spontaneously and without being obliged to do so, appeared in person before Dubai Police Headquarters (Dubai Police Headquarters), where the Interpol division operates, in order to make itself available to the corresponding authorities, while remaining free,” they argued, regarding the detention.

And on the issue of the criminal case, they claimed: “As exposed in the court proceedings, before the start of the criminal investigation and even before the alert communications from the CNV, Mr. Yrimia obtained the permanent resident visa in the United Arab Emirates”. Emirates, where he rented an apartment and where he lived for a long time with his family, developing business and consulting activities. Yrimia traveled to Dubai to settle permanently ahead of any preventive restraining order on his freedom, after processing his residency by September 2021, an opportunity in which he was unaware of the very possibility of a criminal investigation in which he was -wrongly- suspected. These circumstances have come to light in the ongoing case at Villa Maria, which is why any claims of theft or escape are incorrect and misleading.

And they concluded: “Finally, it is useful to point out that – according to what Yrimia told us – he was never the legal director of the companies linked to the Zoe group nor was he an agent of the companies of the group or their administrators. He also had no decision-making power or interference in the various structures, limiting his missions to those of an outside adviser, who will all be placed at the disposal of the courts in order to to show his alienation vis-à-vis any illicit activities carried out by third parties.

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