La Nación / Marito and Silvana surprise with a dance in the middle of the Dubai World Expo 2020

Paraguay threw a party at the largest World Expo ever held in the Middle East. Expo Dubai 2020 rejoiced with the rhythm of the Paraguayan polka on the day dedicated to our country, which finds in this window an unbeatable opportunity to show its full potential to the world.

The National Day of Paraguay, at the fair celebrated in the United Arab Emirates, was an event this Friday, where the Paraguayan came to the surface in the vast delegation of national authorities, artists and compatriot tourists in general who have traveled to participate in the event.

Artistic expressions such as the music and dance of our land were brilliantly represented by the Tierra Adentro group and the Ibero-American Folk Ballet, which with their art and colors created the festive setting in the main square of the imposing complex of the fair, which is visited daily by around 150,000 people.

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On this stage, after the official ceremony, the Paraguayan musical group offered a live show, faithful to its style, inviting to party and dance. Emotion took hold of the Paraguayans present, and even the President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benítez, imbued with great enthusiasm, was encouraged to invite his wife, Silvana López Moreira, to dance to the rhythm of the song ” El sapukái”, which at the time was played by the group led by Dani Meza.

It must be said that the couple did very well, and won the applause of all the public surprised by this spontaneous act of the Paraguayan president and his wife, who, out of all protocol, gave a little dance lesson Paraguayan polka dot. . The first lady captivated by his presence; For this event, she chose a flattering outfit consisting of a white jumpsuit with wide leg pants and a jacket with red handcrafted embroidery.

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As expected, cellphone cameras captured the moment and the scene went viral across all networks in the UAE. The presidential couple’s dance caused unease among the majority of Paraguayan internet users who complained to the president that they were enjoying such an expensive trip to the United Arab Emirates with a large entourage, while in the country people suffer from the overwhelming rise in commodity prices.

The Tierra Adentro group performed a third show at Expo Dubai 2020. The first was yesterday, Thursday, at the Paraguayan Meat Gala; today, as part of the protocol acts of the National Day of Paraguay and, at the end of his visit to the United Arab Emirates, he offered a concert in an event called Jubilee Stage.

The Paraguayan group caused a sensation with their rhythm and energy. From an imposing stage against a backdrop of a tricolor flag, Dani Meza and his musicians made everyone dance, even the Arabs who were enjoying the show. Videos that went viral where the locals were seen very animated, carried away by the magic of the music of Tierra Adentro, who reviewed their greatest hits such as “Viajando voy”, “Fiesta patronal”, “El sapukái”, “Paraguaya Linda”, “I am Latino”, “More than yesterday”, among many others.

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This trip to Dubai is a parenthesis in the calendar of Tierra Adentro, who is recording her next album, which will include, as we know, new compositions and important collaborations. The presentation of the material is scheduled for this year and will have a promotional tour both in our country, as well as in the United States, Spain and other European territories.

Tierra Adentro caused a sensation at the universal fair with its rhythm and energy. From an imposing stage against a backdrop of a tricolor flag, Dani Meza and his musicians made the Arabs themselves dance, who appreciated the spectacle they offered on Friday evening. Photo: Screenshot.

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