Mau Lozano, from the rejection of the Pumas to the adventure in Europe

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The dream of Mauricio Lozano still intact. The brother of chucky he wants to have his own story and not depend on the success his relative had on the Old Continent.

After his nine years of experience with the UNAM Cougars and fail to reach a renewal agreement, will go and test the Galatasaray Turkish looking for what he always wanted, to play together in Europe.

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mau attended THIS a few hours before your trip. The illusion was marked in his eyes and his purpose is intact. “Very happy with what is happening to me, I’m going on a trip, I’m going to Turkey and there I’m going to be tested with the Galatasaray, I’m going to enjoy it for a month, a lot of doors can open there, I’m going there with a lot of enthusiasm,” he said.

The possibility has opened up since his split from Pedregal. “I met with my representatives about two months ago and they told me that there was a possibility, a probability, that we had to knock on doors, that we had to do something, that’s there things started to move forward and about three weeks confirmed to me that the trip was already taking place, maybe there I was more prepared and demanding with my training, not only physical, but also personal, it’s like that things happened, from a proposal, it became something real”.

Not being part of a team never stopped him. He prepared as much as possible to try to stay in the team Istanbul. “Very well, like never before, I trained a lot of things that I missed, both footballingly and personally, I had lessons in semiology, from a very well-known doctor on this subject, I also had lectures and he helped me a lot; en lo futbolístico igual, estuve con un profeso personalizado que me ayudó a pulir muchas cosas de mi juego, él me seguía cuando jugaba, iba a mis partidos y ahorita se enfocó en mi estilo, lo that puedo jugar en Turquía y la verdad is that I feel very good”.

His brother was already advising him. “Already, Hirving (Lozano) He always watches over me, he is excited and tells me to give him a lot of desire, to focus only on football, to give everything, to give myself, he knows that I have not stopped training, maybe not as a team, but no I stopped preparing, I know it’s not the same, but I’m prepared, he told me to only focus on football, to live football when I’m there, to forget here and live the experience as it is, step by step”.

the exit of Cougars it cost him, but he knew he wouldn’t advance if he stayed. “When I missed a year, it started Tabasco cougars and it was also the pandemic, that didn’t help me much, a tournament was lost there and basically there was no more interest from both parties, the contract ended and thank you very much” .

The cat people thanked him, but told him they wouldn’t continue. “When I spoke with them they told me it wasn’t part of the plans, it’s obviously respected, there are more players and they just told me it wasn’t part of the plans and that there was no point in renewing. I too, because of the process I was going through, I thought it was not going to happen, I started to search on my own, if I stayed there, Well, that wasn’t happening and time was going to pass. What I wanted was to enjoy, to look for the opportunity to realize my dream”.

Although, in the not too distant future, he hopes to return to Ciudad Universitaria. “The dream was always clear, I was nine years old Cougars, I have the illusion, if life allows me, because life takes many turns, it can happen, but so far it hasn’t happened, I’m fine, I’m grateful, satisfied with what I did, so, it’s been many years, I have a lot of love for the club, now I wish them the best in all the tournaments and cups they play, we’ll see in the future”.

He also had a message for the fans. “The fans, me who was not in the first team or whatever, they supported me a lot, it’s very appreciated, I know they are a big fan, where are you? Cougars it’s at home, just as they encourage you, they ask you, that is to say father, because you have a nice pressure. It has always been my dream to make my debut at the full Olympic Games, in a Cougars-America, that you score a goal and everyone shouts your name, it was a motivation, but life will tell us if it will be possible, I hope so”.

The illusion intact, he hopes to stay in the Avrupa Fatihi team. “I imagine myself succeeding, my dream is to play football, I’m going step by step, maybe it hasn’t been an easy process, not like many people, I didn’t expect it either, I’m going there with the illusion, without giving up, with hope and full faith for it to happen, confident in myself, in my abilities, very happy, with clear objectives and now yes, I want to talk more on the pitch, that’s where you have to show what he really wants, I’ve prepared myself and it will show there,” he closed Diario de los Deportistas.

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