Puzzles and games to entertain children during a car journey

the puzzles and other games can be our salvation in the journeys that we will make in Holy Week. Young children usually don’t last long in the car without saying the magic words “how much is left?” or “I’m bored”. In these days when many families get into the car to travel many kilometers along the Spanish roads in search of a place to rest, we must be prepared for the journey. It can be turned into a few hours of family fun.

Before traveling, psychologists recommend planning the time of the trip so that children make the trip as rested as possible. Thus, Sara Tarrés, child psychologist, recommends avoiding rush hours and those most prone to traffic jams, because that way we will all spend more unnecessary time in the car and arrive more tired and nervous. The specialist explains that it is not necessary to carry a lot of toys and recommends patience and imagination.

If we are ready to have a fun time in the car with the children, write down these ideas that we offer you. They are traditional games like classic puzzles but the little ones in the house still love them very much.


With these fun puzzles, children will exercise their imagination. There are thousands of puzzles, here are some examples for you to play with your children:

  • They say Aunt Cuca is hanging around with a bad streak. Who will this girl be then? (the cockroach).
  • Which animal always comes at the end? (the dolphin).
  • I was born green, I lived green and I will die green (lizard).
  • People have trampled on me, but not much for that. I only go out at night and I have a dark side (the moon).
  • White inside, green outside. If you don’t know, wait (the pear).
  • They all want me to rest. I already told you! Don’t think about it anymore (the chair).
  • What can’t you stand for long? (breathing).
  • Which tree is always sad? (the weeping willow).
  • What color is Santiago’s white horse? (White).
  • This bench is occupied by a father and his son. The father’s name is Juan and I have already told you the son’s name. (Esteban).
  • Which flower has the 5 vowels? (the orchid).
  • I have the shape of a duckling, arched and round (number 2).
  • I go out every morning and in the afternoon I hide, I give light and warmth and I am round, who am I? (the sun).
  • I am not a bird, but I can fly, I take people from one place to another (an airplane).
  • I’m blowing columns of smoke and I’m on the roof Do you already know who I am? (the fireplace).
  • If we leave it, it passes, if we sell it, it is weighed (the grape).
  • He has teeth and does not eat, he has a head and is not a man (garlic).
  • I am a very noble lady who always goes in the car and is always wet (tongue).
  • I am a phenomenal drinker who goes to parties to toast (champagne).
  • Blanquilla is my name and I sweeten the life of the man (sugar).
  • If you want to eat me, you’ll see me hairy brown, and you won’t be able to break me, because on the outside I’m hard (coconut).
  • Its flavor is tangy, its skin quite hard, and if you want to drink it, you will have to squeeze it well (lemon).
  • I go around your waist, on more than one occasion and if not for my help, your pants (belt) fall off.
  • As I go, and I make the man elegant (the tie).
  • He is the father of a daughter and this daughter is my mother, and although he is still a father, he is not my father. Do you already know who he is? (Grandfather).
  • He sleeps well in his crib, sometimes he is whiny, but he also smiles while taking his bottle (a baby).
  • I have a hundred friends, all on a table, if I don’t play them, they don’t talk to me (a piano).
  • It is played with two sticks, it always comes out in procession and it is a percussion instrument (the drum).
  • Between the cabbage and the lettuce, between the lettuce, a flower, which always looks at the sun, turning brown in its heat (the sunflower).

As you will see, there are many puzzles of various themes and for all ages.

car games

  • I see I see. The classic car game, from the doctor’s waiting room or times when we don’t know what to do. In this way we take advantage of the countryside that we cross so that the children observe what surrounds us. Surely you have already played. We start by saying “I see, I see”, they answer him, what do you see?, a little thing with the little letter (the chosen one). The child can be encouraged by saying hot if he is getting closer or cold if he is not getting closer to his answer.
  • Children’s songs. We can put a children’s radio station or broadcast songs that our children like to sing or just listen to the melodies. Singing as a family can be great fun as everyone loosens their inhibitions.
  • chained words. We say a word, for example: ‘Casa’, the next member must start a word with Sa, which is the last syllable of the previous word. For example ‘Saturday’, the next one can say ‘address’ and so on until you want to stop the game.
  • reconcile mini-stories. You can start one family member and add others. The story can be realistic, wacky or comical. Often they start in one way and end in another very unexpected way.
  • “A train loaded with...A fun game in which memory plays an important role. It starts like this “a train loaded with: lemons has arrived”. The next participant must say the previous sentence and add for example strawberries and so on until he fails. A train arrived loaded with lemons, strawberries, bananas, melons, grapes, oranges… Dare to test your memory.
  • three in a row. We only need one paper and six pieces of paper to play the three classics in a row.
  • simon says: “Simon says… (any action)”. For example, pulling an ear. The rest of the members have to do this “ear pulling”. Simon can fool the rest of the participants. For example if he does not say the sentence and if he orders it. Whoever fails takes Simon’s place. It’s an attention game that is generally very popular.
  • rock Paper Scissors. The gestures in this game are rock (closed fist), paper (outstretched hand) and scissors (fingers making the gesture). This game is so classic that we are sure to have all played it in the schoolyard or with our neighborhood friends.
  • With letters you can play UNO or with a Spanish game you can play to make pairs, to see who gets the highest card.

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