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The first world exhibition it was held in 1851 in London, with the slogan title Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations.

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The aim was to show the world the latest technological advances and bring together the best engineers and scientists in the world at that time. It was followed by other initiatives such as the 1889 exhibition in Paris – which was the origin of the Eiffel Tower –, that of Chicago, that of Osaka or Expo 92 in Seville.

It was a time when inventions and knowledge hardly traveled the world, and these exhibitions became a center for spreading the advances of the time.

From the start, they became a big publicity event to demonstrate the power of the host country, normally an emerging nation. Does it make sense to continue to organize them in the 21st century, when information spreads in seconds, with a click, all over the world?

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Perhaps not from a science and technology perspective, but World Expos continue to be great public relations events for the organizing countries and a meeting point for nations and peoples around the world.
Dubai World Expo 2020 meets all expectations.

The venue is a large globalization theme park, although those unable to attend in person can do so virtually from the website

This photograph, taken with a fisheye lens, shows a group of people visiting the Al Wasl Dome at Expo in January 2022.

For nearly six months, the most modern emirate in the Persian Gulf becomes the largest souk (term which in Arabic means market) in the world, and a large Pin up of globalization with impressive architecture, hundreds of restaurants from every corner of the globe and cultural performances from five continents.

“Connecting minds, creating the future” is the official motto of Expo 2020 Dubai, which has the participation of 192 countries, in addition to several international organizations, on its 438 hectares. These pavilions are organized into four spaces dedicated to sustainable development, mobility and opportunities. With these figures, it is easy to guess that it is not possible to visit the whole site in one day.

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To make the most of the visit, it is advisable to go during the week, from Sunday to Thursday (the public holidays in the Emirates are Friday and Saturday), when the influx of visitors is less and it is not there are almost no queues to enter the pavilions. In addition, on weekdays, the ticket costs 49 dirhams (12 dollars), which is half that of public holidays, an affordable price for repeat visits.

The most popular pavilion is undoubtedly that of the United Arab Emirates, a country which this year celebrates the 50th anniversary of its creation. Designed by Calatrava, the building offers a journey through the country’s history, to explain its culture and end with its plans for the future. A content plot followed by almost every country. The spectacular pavilion of Saudi Arabia is another of the most visited, as are those of Egypt, Switzerland and Russia.

Dubai has opened the doors to Expo 2020 after being delayed for a year due to covid and after investing more than
5,000 million US dollars for the construction of a city-enclosure in the desert

Among Asians, the one from Japan is the most popular (in this one there are usually long queues to get in); that of South Korea, with a spectacular facade in perpetual motion, is also among the favorites. Visitors are entitled to reserve up to “10 fast passes” per ticket purchased through the app to avoid queues at the busiest pavilions.

Among the Europeans, the Netherlands brought the most innovative proposal, since its pavilion is the greatest technical prodigy of this expo.

With an architecture in the shape of cones and solar panels that generate electricity from the sun, it manages to condense 200 liters of water a day from the air of the desert; With them, they cultivated a self-sufficient garden of more than a hundred edible plants and mushrooms.

The British building is an eye-catching structure where visitors type an English word into a computer; an artificial intelligence algorithm is tasked with creating what will be the world’s largest machine-written poem. This one will be launched into space in the hope that one day it will reach another civilization. France, for its part, is presenting a project for a new hot-air balloon which will make it possible to transport goods to isolated regions of the world, and Russia, which aims to organize Expo 2030, is centering its exhibition on the human brain and the processes that make us a different animal species.

The two great world powers, China and the United States, devote most of their pavilions to the space race. The American is more attractive for its show aimed at families and children, while the Chinese organize a light drone show every evening.

Shows and gastronomy

Dubai World Expo 2020

On January 10, 2022, China Pavilion Day was celebrated; the representation of this country took the opportunity to organize artistic and cultural exhibitions.

Every evening, different countries organize concerts and shows; additionally, the Irish and Australian pavilions tend to be the liveliest. Although the biggest show is every day at 10pm when the pavilions close in Al Wasl Square.

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With a program that changes daily, at this venue you can enjoy everything from concerts to children’s musicals. When the heat stops being so intense, the opportunity arises to enjoy the great gastronomic offer of Expo Dubai.

There are proposals of all kinds: everyday skewers and hot dogs to the most futuristic and expensive, like The Epochal Banquet, a two-hour dining experience inspired by space, microbiology and artificial intelligence.

At Talabat Restaurant, food is delivered by robot waiters, and at Jubilee Gastronomy Restaurant, 26 chefs from around the world have created a nine-course menu. The Arabian Tea House is the biggest exponent of the best Emirati cuisine, but there are other options like Alkebulan, which brings together the cuisines of Africa.

If you are interested in the subject and want to know the agenda of related events, you can do so on this link.


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