The Bariloche pizza that won applause at the World Cup in Italy

“At this point in my career, with so many achievements, to be among the best in the world again is to renew yourself.” The expression corresponds to the chef from Bariloche, Federico Domínguez Fontán, who represented the country at the World Pizza Championship in the Italian city of Parma, the most important in the world in this area.
Argentina was in second place among 42 countries, behind Italy, which, once again, was crowned best in the world.

The local team was made up of six pizza masters (Mauro Dávila, Hugo Bazán, Diego Dávila, Miguel Villalba, Javier Labaqué and Domínguez Fontán, executive chef for 10 years at Hotel Llao Llao and currently in charge of ‘Cocina Fontán at the Inacayal hotel).
“To integrate the selection some of the boys were champions of the National. En mi caso, logré entrar por currículum y por participar en la escuela Apyce (la entidad que agrupa a todas la pizzerías y casas de empanadas de Argentina)”, confió Domínguez Fontán that obtuvo el puesto 12 en el ranking de 762 profesionales pizzeros de todo the world. Villalba finished fifth and Diego Dávila tenth.
The 48-year-old Bariloche took part in the Pizza World Cup for the first time in 2019, before the pandemic.

How the Italian Pizza World Cup is held

“In this second year, I have greatly surpassed myself. He competes in several categories and points are added for the general classification. In 2019, for example, it was ranked 22nd in the gluten-free pizza category; this year, I was the number”, he declared without hiding his pride.

Pure dedication and skill to give the special touch to the pizza, in front of the World Cup jury.

Indeed, in the category “Gluten-free pizza”, which requires extreme rigor in the handling and origin of food, Argentina obtained a 12th place, with the Barilochense and 18th, under the leadership of team leader Javier Labaké, out of 80 attendees.

The jury was made up of eminent personalities from the world of gastronomy and more particularly pizzas.
“Today the emphasis of the World Cup is on styles. There are several categories and they all carry a different mass. The Argentine public does not participate in these championships because the technique is different, even if we It’s complex,” he admitted.

“With this competition in particular, I have a personal crush”, confides the Barilochense who participated for the first time in 2019.

Domínguez Fontán explained that the world of pizza has changed a lot since its modernization. “Today, pizzas ferment for hours and days. For this reason, today the success of these competitions lies in the masses and not in the coverage,” he stressed.
“Today – he adds – we have learned that proteins need time to mature. Those pizzas or breads that were made with 30 grams of yeast in three or four hours are no more. We make preferments, like biga and polish, with one gram of yeast and expect the results in two days.”
In this way, he assured, other aromas and flavors are obtained since the dough changes and becomes something “super digestible”.

The luxury preview of the World Cup

The Argentinian team He stayed in Italy for 10 days since, although the competition lasted only 3, in the previous one he advanced in the masses.

The Argentinians stayed in a stud farm, a huge house with a large kitchen where they not only prepared for the competition but also received the other Latin American teams.
“Boys from Brazil, Colombia and even many Italians came. the camaraderie is great,” he said.
He described the stay in Parma as “incredible. It’s Italy’s breadbasket for a reason. Supermarkets are crazy. The parmesan comes from there. The culatello (ham) is terrific. I brought everything back… except in the belly. We ate very well and tried everything.”

Regarding Argentina’s results in the world rankings, Domínguez Fontán assured that it is “a dream come true. I like to compete as a team. It brings me new friendships and relationships with professionals around the world. It is learning, continuing to study in order to make an effort and be up to it”.

Beyond being considered alover of the pizza world”, said to be “a cook first and foremost. With this competition in particular, I have a personal crush.

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