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La Real have long planned for next season as the team compete in search of their third successive European appearance. A summer of a lot of movement is expected, with some changes, and football management is trying to anticipate some maneuvers, although the vast majority will take place at the end of the season. Many will be interconnected with each other. alexander sorloth (Trondheim, Norway, 1995) his contract ends on June 30 and, in principle, he will have to return to RB Leipzig, which is the club to which he belongs, although interest has been expressed at Real to continue having the services of the 26-year-old striker on loan, always under very specific conditions. The Sorloth of recent weeks convinces both the coach and the football management, even if the club is in no way willing to shell out the 14 million euros that the option to buy the footballer represents.

Imanol is very satisfied with the performance of the Norwegian in this last sector, to the point of placing him above alexander isaac in order of preference. The Scandinavian has gone three games as a starter in the league for the first time since the start of the season and now he feels full and ready to deliver his best football.

should negotiate

His future is not yet decided because it does not depend on him. Despite a very unflattering number of goals – two league goals and six in total – his performance is now convincing and they are studying the possibility of making an effort to try to retain him. For that, it would be necessary to negotiate with Leipzig, which prioritizes a transfer because, a priori, they do not have the striker.

In any case, the continuity or not of Sorlot It is not a priority operation in Real, which does not know at the moment what will happen with it. alexander isaac. His season is not even remotely announced for a big English club – it is on the agenda of many – to make him a huge down payment, close to the 90 million euros of his termination clause . And they have to make the decision whether or not to go to another ram like Jon Karrikaburu facing the next course, although the option exists for it to straddle the first team and the second.

One of the problems Real will face is competition. And it is the one that Besiktas is very interested in returning to the services of the Norwegian international, as the sporting director of the Istanbul club indicated yesterday, Ceyhun Kazanciwho considers “priority” to hire Sorlot.

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“Priority” for the future

Besiktas are clearly positioned to try to sign him this summer: “Leipzig have made it clear to us that they will only release their player through a transfer; we would have already completed the operation in the event of a transfer,” says Kazanci. The Besiktas sporting director adds that he has “been talking for five or six months” with the Real striker who, in his own words, “can’t wait to go back to Turkey and play in Istanbul”. However, the ‘boss’ of the current seventh in the Turkish championship maintains that “it is very difficult to predict at the moment what will happen, but it is a name with which we will be with until the end” .

“I gained confidence”

For the time being, Sorlot He did not comment on what he wants or intends to do next season, although he currently feels comfortable and full at Real: “Playing three games in a row as a starter helped a lot; I have gained confidence and I feel better on the pitch,” the striker told the club’s official media. “If you start the matches, you feel more comfortable with your teammates and the team is working very well, especially in attack, getting better and better,” he concludes.

The tic tactic

performance of Sorlot over the course of the season he has been disappointing, although in recent weeks his performance has improved markedly. His body expression and attitude do not invite confidence in his performance as he always seems to have a passive demeanor and respond coldly to what is happening on the pitch. However, the technicians have found a way to make it more efficient: to prick it, to contract it in one way or another. The Scandinavian is shown to play better when pissed off, with pending accounts. It happened in Elche, a match in which he was seen facing his rivals, protesting and getting angry.

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