Tips for finding cheaper flights: best day and time to book a trip

When planning your Easter, Christmas or summer holidays abroad, it is highly recommended to use flight search engines in apps and websites. Use them more effectively flight comparators allows you to find even lower prices for all types of international flights. We tell you what are the best tips for find cheap flights to any destination:

When is it cheaper to buy a plane ticket?

The optimal day to search for flights to the best price is tuesday, although you can also find great deals on Wednesdays. Regarding the schedule, there is no unanimity because some users guarantee that at the end of the evening there are cheaper flights while others opt for the time slot from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. to get good prices. Use flight and search engines that are also price comparators like Skyscanner. Some like Skiplagged also show the price history for each flight.

There is more opportunity to find good prices the longer the delay regarding the date of travel (between 5 and 8 months for international flights). LLast minute flight deals are a myth currently or an advertising claim of some airlines.

When is it cheaper to fly?

In the same way that the same price does not apply for booking flights on weekdays, there are also price differences for flights depending on the departure date. the Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly while Saturday is the most expensive day and flights on Sundays and public holidays are also quite expensive.

Departing flights from 6 p.m. they are cheaper and you can also find very good early morning flight deals. The problem lies in the difficulty of getting to the airport in question to check in and do the screening before boarding (especially if there are no options to get there by public transport at dawn). On the other hand, a flight departing early in the morning is less likely to be delayed than it is in the late afternoon or evening.

Is it cheaper to buy one-way or return tickets?

Generally, the combined purchase of round-trip plane tickets are cheaper make two separate reservations; especially when it comes to the same airline. Some users say that buying the one-way flight ticket and the return ticket separately is cheaper for them compare the prices of different airlines.

Some sites like SkyScanner and Skiplagged (to search and compare flights) provide various return combinations at adjusted prices combining all options currently available from all airlines. It is therefore recommended to open parallel searches to book the combined itinerary or separately from different browsers. In this way it is possible to check which option is the cheapest to buy the flights.

Why delete cookies or use incognito mode?

Companies are said to use cookies from users who perform simulated searches to view flight prices to change prices up later when the same route is viewed again. For this reason, it is recommended delete cookies or perform the search in incognito mode or private browsing.

From a more practical point of view, the logic is search and purchase in one go. There’s no point finding a great deal on cheap flights one day and checking hours or days later how the price has gone up.

Some companies offer the possibility of lock the flight price to book later (with a certain limit of hours or days). You can take advantage of this option to continue comparing other flight alternatives with a good price guaranteed pay on time.

How to use a VPN to find cheap flights?

By changing geolocation, users can use a VPN to check the price in the local currency of other countries and book flights as if they were elsewhere. In this way it is possible compare how much the same flights are worth in different currencies depending on the country from which the search is launched. Normally, countries with a weaker economy tend to show cheaper flight prices compared to shopping from Spain for the same trip.

Being flexible helps find cheaper flights

Those who do not have a fixed date to start or end the trip can afford to apply greater flexibility when choosing a departure and arrival date depending on the prices in force for each day. This is achieved by searching for flights from comparators, where you can go Play around with dates until you find the cheapest option.

You can mark in the departure and return field “cheapest month” and thus visually see the cheapest price on the calendar for the whole month. They can then be apply filters to sort flights by price from lowest to highest.

best day and time to book flight tickets

Flight prices by airports and airlines

the low cost airlines offer flights at lower cost compared to the rest. However, they have more restrictive baggage policies to consider before booking. If you have to carry a suitcase, the price ends up being the same, but if you can afford to travel only with a backpack, you can find very cheap prices in companies such as: Ryanair, EasyJet or Vueling.

The secondary airports are usually cheaper but before selecting this option you must check how much it costs to get from this furthest airport to the city because sometimes the price of the transfer increases the final price of the trip too much and is not worth it compared to the price of the flight to the main airport.

Cheaper flights during layovers

Build stopovers during flights It’s usually cheaper than choosing a direct flight to a very long destination. The practice of flights with hidden city (hidden city) It’s not illegal, but it’s a trick frowned upon by companies. It consists of deliberately missing the flight after the stopover because the real destination is the city where the stopover takes place. However, companies can cancel the return flight if they detect this practice.

Review charges, expenses, and fees in the final price

Some booking portals show very cheap prices at first, but as the booking process progresses you should look into the possibilities fees, letters and other expenses that add up and increase the final price flights. Some are marked by default (such as taking out travel insurance, baggage options, etc.), but others appear by surprise just before entering the payment method.

Occasionally, the method of payment also influences in the final price of the flights. This happens when selecting certain card types and other alternatives such as Paypal. It is recommended to select the one that does not incur a percentage or fixed cost surcharge so as not to pay more for the same flight.

The Loyalty programs some airlines can help you get discounts on future flights by accumulating points (or similar). If you are a frequent traveler, do not hesitate to register to benefit from this type of advantage.

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