What do you need for a backpacking trip?

Going on a backpacking trip can be one of life’s most exhilarating experiences, as well as being a great learning experience and helping to gain a different perspective when it comes to travel. It is for these reasons that more and more young people (but also people of all ages and even older adults who want to change their lives) are encouraging themselves to go on a trip with a backpack to ideal tourist destinations. for this purpose.

In addition, many people used to go camping or nature trips, but did not dare to go hiking, which is a rising trend today. This type of traveler already has previous experience and decides to take the leap to go further and challenge themselves to travel to more distant places.

Therefore, if you want to start hiking and you don’t know how to take the first steps, we are going to give you some recommendations. In addition to this, we are going to tell you what type of equipment is recommended to use to travel with the greatest comfort and to be able to have practical solutions at all times.

The tent, the most important point

If you want to travel on a low budget and want good comfort, you should consider getting a good tent for comfortable camping. One of the most recommended options is the right tentwhich has several waterproof and lightweight alternatives, which is a very important factor.

Among the most important considerations to take into account when choosing a tent, we recommend that you pay attention to the following points:

  • That the canvas is waterproof and does not accumulate moisture.
  • That the external and internal closures are reinforced and that they have a good closing system that does not get stuck.
  • That the rods are sufficiently flexible and that their material is resistant.

At the same time, it is also important to consider that it is light and portable, since they will have to carry it on their back and, over time, this can be a factor that will significantly change their journey because they will feel it. It is for this reason that it is essential to distribute the weight well and to have a comfortable tent to sleep well during the trip.

If you want to travel with more people, you can choose to take a Doite 6-person tent, which is much more recommended for a typical family. Where possible, a model of double tent do it for more people than those who are going to sleep so that they can accommodate inflatable mattresses or to have more comfort inside.

What equipment is needed

As you can already guess, beyond the tent, which is where they go to sleep every night, the other fundamental point to take into account is the backpack itself, this is where ‘they’ll carry all their items. It is for this reason that it is very important that it can support enough weight and that it is also waterproof or, failing that, that a waterproof cover can be adapted to it.

The new models of backpacks from major brands such as Must, for example, have many more pockets and compartments than the backpacks of the past. In addition, they also have reinforced closures that allow you to load more weight.

However, it is essential that you consider the weight distribution factor and the support for carrying it, as it may harm your spine. This is why the way the backpack is loaded and the straps it has to distribute the weight are also very important.

If the backpack is very large, it should have padded shoulder straps and handles at the waist to separate the load and so that the weight does not swing. In addition, it is essential that they accommodate the elements well inside in order to have greater comfort when walking.

What else should they bring?

As for the clothes to wear, always remember to have a coat, because even in summer the temperature can drop at night if you are traveling to a destination with mountainous geography or near large natural parks. In addition, other clothes that are important to wear are:

  • Comfortable mountain shoes (maybe boots if it’s cold)
  • Long pants if you want to go in the mountains or on rough trails
  • high stockings
  • lightweight sneakers
  • Comfortable everyday t-shirts and pants
  • At least 4 changes of underwear (they can be washed with white soap every day as they are used)

On your side, regarding the rest of the equipment that you should carry, always remember to have the most essential items, otherwise they will take up space unnecessarily. In the following list, we list what you need to bring:

  • Set of portable kettles and pots
  • Tin plate (recommended, it can also be part of the set of pots they carry)
  • Battery-powered and rechargeable flashlight
  • Cutlery set (some come all in one)
  • Lighter
  • Sleeping bag (there are some that are thermal, and it is recommended that it be small and light to be easier to carry)
  • Floor support (similar to a slightly thicker yoga mat and much more recommended than an inflatable mattress)
  • Thermal glass or thermos

Then, when planning the type of trip you want to take, you will obviously have other things you will need. It is therefore advisable to see it at this time and organize it over time.

So, in conclusion, the best way to start hiking is to start buying gear early and prioritize the most important items over the rest of the gear. At the same time, it is also very important that they invest in buying quality equipment so that it lasts longer and they do not have any problems later when using it.

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