What You Know, Dubai Edition


Yoh No host Daniel Lovelace gave an interview in Dubai. He filmed episodes at Expo Dubai and the Gold Souk. Photo courtesy of Daniel Lovelace

In an effort to grow his global following, Daniel Lovelace took the opportunity to shoot his latest music video for the What Yuh Know series in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

But in addition to the language barrier, Loveless faced other challenges, including restrictions on filming in public without permission from authorities.

“The reason I chose Dubai for the shoot was because I was looking for a new challenge for myself to produce content for my audience in a place they would never expect me to go.

“When I read a lot of reviews about Dubai online, about how rigorously it was shot and produced, I loved the challenge.

“I told everyone I was going to Dubai, and they said no because things there are strict…I said that’s exactly why I went there .”

Although Loveless predicted it would be difficult to film in Dubai, he was unprepared for the reality.

I just booked a two week flight. I went to Dubai with my photographer, but I also took my mother.

“I had a hard time producing content in specific places because the police wouldn’t tell me that I needed permission to sign up, so it was very difficult to get the content. , but I did.”

While the official language of the UAE is Arabic, Lovelace said many people speak English, but there is still a language barrier due to their accent and accent which makes filming difficult.

From filming on the streets of Port of Spain to Dubai, Daniel Lovelace is committed to promoting the TT through his show. Photo courtesy of Daniel Lovelace

“People speak English, but it was unclear what would make it so difficult to ask simple questions like the spelling of Dubai.

“So on the first day of filming, I had to go back to the drawing board. I researched and talked to friends in Dubai to find out how to ask certain questions.

“Instead of asking people to ‘spell Dubai’, I had to ask them ‘What is the spelling of Dubai?’ “Which was more understandable, so it was culture shock.”

In the end, Loveless managed to ask questions like how to spell words and solve simple arithmetic problems. He also asked about the Caribbean.

The rings were filmed in places like the Dubai World Expo and the Dubai Gold Market, one of the traditional markets mainly for jewelers.

To market TT, one of the main purposes of filming the shows internationally, Loveless handed out TT memorabilia as prizes to contestants who answered questions correctly.

Loveless also attended the T20 Cricket World Cup in Dubai where he met Brian Lara, Russell Latabi, Dwight Yorke, Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, Nicholas Buran.

“I didn’t know any of them personally, but they knew me, so it was a good feeling to sit down and ask Lara to call me. I felt very welcome.”

On November 22, Lovelace began airing over 15 episodes which she shot in Dubai.

Loveless also recently released more than 20 episodes filmed in August in the US cities of Atlanta, New York and Miami.

Its projects abroad aim to draw more attention to its program and give more visibility to the Caribbean.

“I don’t want to be limited to an audience only in Trinidad and Tobago or only in the Caribbean.

“I wanted to broaden the audience to try not the TT but, by extension, the Caribbean on the map.”

In August, Daniel filmed over 20 episodes of What Yuh Know in Atlanta, New York and Miami. Photo courtesy of Daniel Lovelace

To make this possible, Loveless worked with the Department of Tourism, Culture and the Arts to secure pricing for the show during filming in the United States.

Show participants usually receive small cash prizes for correctly answering questions while filming at TT, but US winners have a chance to win all travel expenses paid to TT courtesy of the ministry.

“I contacted the department and had a meeting with Tourism Secretary Randall Mitchell and we discussed the idea of ​​promoting TT with my program.

“Immediately, the ministry jumped on board to support fully paid flights.”

For episodes filmed in the United States, Loveless asked about TT culture and included ministry promotional videos highlighting TT culture.

A total of three people, one from each U.S. city he filmed in, have won all-expenses-paid trips to TT and are set to travel in 2022.

Lovells said the department is evaluating major national cultural events taking place next year and will plan trips then.

In addition to recent international filming, Loveless continues to shoot episodes domestically and is currently producing a Christmas series titled Christmas Countdown and intends to release one episode daily beginning in early December.

Recently, Loveless also became the host of the Caribbean version of the hit American YouTube series Hot Ones.

Like the premise of the original series, Loveless interviewed a wide range of distinguished guests ranging from singers and actors to politicians such as Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi.

“(Hosting the show) was a very useful experience for me, at first I thought it would be easy from what Yeoh knows.

“But coming into the studio to shoot the show was a bit of a shock. I’m loud and outspoken on the street, but in the studio I had to be a bit more low-key.”

The show airs on TTT and will conclude its first season in December.

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