Why is Italy dressed in blue? And Germany in white?

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Fabio Cannavaro lifts the trophy after Italy beat France at Germany 2006.

Why does Italy play with a blue jersey, if there is no trace of blue on its flag or crest? Why is Holland known as “a clockwork orange” if that color doesn’t exist in its flag either?

In football, the jersey is an emblem. It can also be a hindrance to the shame of defeat.

When England were knocked out of the 1970 World Cup in Mexico by a historic Brazilian side, two giants of that game, England captain Bobby Moore and Pele, met in midfield and found no match. better way to remember this memorable encounter. than swapping their t-shirts.

The color of clothing in a match is a matter of national pride. It’s not a random choice because the jersey respects itself almost like the flag.

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