5 tips for a safe Easter trip

In this Holy Week, a season in which many Colombians travel on national roads, it is important to take all precautions.

By Sully Catherine Santos Herrera



As it progresses Holy Week, it is important to take into account the safety recommendations when traveling. It should be remembered that the year 2021 was one of the most critical in terms of road accidents in Colombia, with 7,270 people killed in road accidents according to the National Road Safety Observatory. It is, an increase of 35.3% compared to 2020 where 5,370 people died.

Thus, 2021 was considered the one with the most road accidents in the last decade in the country, if we take into account that in 2016, 6,845 people died. Furthermore, the report showed that, of the total number of fatalities on national roads, 4,312 were motorbikes, 1,566 pedestrians, 852 people in cars and 471 on bicycles.

In this context, precautionary and prudent driving measures are key to preventing accidents such as groundings, accidents or those that result in the death of people. Before that, Keep the following tips in mind and enjoy Easter:

Technical examination of vehicles

Tips for traveling safely this Easter

1. Technical Review

According to the National Register of Traffic Accidents (RNAT), in the last three years, nearly 4,000 accidents related to brake, tire and steering system failures cars.

Therefore, the first precaution is to perform the brake check, tire condition, lights, oil change, alignment and balancing.

“The tire review refers to the fact that have the pressure indicated by the manufacturer and check the condition of the spare tire. And it is very important to brake control and make sure the wipers and blades are in good condition,” advised Bruno Ferrari, co-founder of 123Seguro.

Juan Carlos López, Commercial Director of Nissan Colombia, said the tire review also includes make sure they are not smooth. “This could be a determining factor in avoiding incidents. In addition, it is recommended to check the air pressure level recommended by the manufacturer.

auto mechanic workshop

Dinissan’s spokesperson added that it was necessary check that the brake fluid level is between the maximum and the minimum. “If any irregularity is detected, it is necessary to go to a service center to check the brake system.”

Without neglecting the engine oil level checkthe recommendation time to change it, if it is close to mileage compliance, it is better to do it before moving.

“To verify engine coolant level and top it off with stock coolant, preventing the elements from entering the reservoir,” López said.

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Apple car game

GPS navigation

2. Technology at your fingertips

Even if this would not have been requested several years ago, it is essential today. carry by hand sufficiently charged charger and mobile phone communicate in case of any eventuality during the trip.

This is what Hernando Echeverri, director of MacroLlantas, said:today’s apps are a great tool for traveling on the road. Having them on your mobile allows you to be aware of what is happening a few kilometers away”.

The technology also makes it easier to verify the shortest and safest routes. “Before the journey it is recommended to review the itinerary and see what options our favorite navigation application offers us. Yes indeed we can visit new places which may not be on the fastest course, but on the most attractive,” recommended the co-founder of 123Seguro.

Colombian driver's license

3. Up-to-date documents

remember that you cannot leave the house without having SOAT, mechanical technical exam (if applicable) and driver’s license. With Compulsory Insurance, cases of accidents are covered. Likewise, you can have a non-compulsory insurance with which care is received in the event of an accident.

“It is important have insurance and police on cellphonebecause in the event of an accident, assistance can be requested from the insurance company,” said Ferrari.

4. Road kit

The road kit is forced possession in Colombia. It is usually in the trunk, but it is not always checked if the extinguisher is in good working order, nor if all the signs are there to find your bearings on the road before a grounding..

“The medicine cabinet too It has expired and needs to be changed. Strap on face masks,” Echeverri said.

Road signs

5. Sleep well and obey signals

Fall asleep before traveling. If possible, alternate with passengers who know how to drive. And to avoid accidents, obey traffic lights such as not exceeding the speed limit and not passing on a double yellow line.

On another side, check mirrors before passing. And if you use technology, do it while parked or delegate the use of apps to a passenger. If you are traveling alone, plan ahead to use mobile apps.

Remember that all occupants of the vehicle must wear a seat belt and for no reason driving after the effects of psychopathic substances.

If during the trip there is rain or hail that prevents visibility, Reduce speed. Don’t get distracted by food while driving and do not answer phone calls unless you have headphones or the ability to Bluetooth to hear calls through the vehicle speakers.

5 tips for traveling at Easter

In order for you to have a pleasant and safe trip, keep these recommendations in mind. Bon voyage and good rest!

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Texts: Sully Catherine Santos Herrera, special collaboration for EL CARRO COLOMBIANO.
Editing and general direction: Óscar Julián Restrepo Mantilla.

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