7 inexpensive destinations to travel to at Easter

You haven’t gone on vacation? You still have time to plan a getaway with family or friends for this Holy Week, without having to go far from the city or have a very big budget. We leave you a list with cheap destinations close to CDMX to enjoy these days.

1. Spa Santa Isabel – Morelos

Photo: Thermal baths of Santa Isabel

This destination is divided into 2 types of spaces: basins and springs, both surrounded by green spaces.

There is a swimming pool suitable for the whole family as it has 3 levels of depth: 50cm, 80cm and 1.60m. They also have a swimming pool especially for children, with 70 cm, and a paddling pool for the little ones.

On the other hand, there are the springs, whose water shades can range from emerald to turquoise; there are rustic slides and small waterfalls to relax. The minimum depth is 60 centimeters and the maximum is 3 meters, in case you want to swim.

The spa has a barbecue area and fixed tables, it is allowed to bring your own food or assemble the roast beef. There are also snack bars or a restaurant where you can eat everything from salad to seafood dish.

Admission costs 100 pesos per adult, or 80 pesos per child (height between 90 cm and 1.25 m) and older adult with INAPAM.

It is located in Tlaltizapán, 2 hours from CDMX. You spend 352 pesos on cabins considering the round trip, if you take Jojutla as a reference (half an hour from the spa) in the Ministry of Communications and Transport’s Trace your Route app.

2. Hacienda Panoaya – Edomex

cheap_destinations_semana_santa_5.jpgPhoto: Hacienda Panoaya

The most famous attraction of this park is its labyrinth of vegetation, but in reality they have several activities, mainly outdoors, to keep you entertained for a whole day. Also, did you know that Sor Juana lived at Hacienda Panoaya for part of her childhood?

For example, your Fun Package ticket costs 235 pesos per person and includes the following: riding a 200-meter long zipline, a boat ride, exploring the maze, visiting the Volcanoes and Sor Juana museums, walking on the bike path (they lend you the bike), cross a friendly obstacle course for the whole family, visit an organic garden and take part in a foam party.

There is a package that includes additional activities, such as a tractor ride, cooling off in a semi-Olympic pool, and unlimited zipline access. The cost is 285 pesos.

Cabins cost you 44 pesos, round trip. On weekends, the park offers van transport from the Gómez Farías metro station; the cost is 385 pesos per person round trip, ticket included.

3. San Nicolas Totolapan Ejidal Park – CDMX

plans_bridge_close_cdmx.jpgPhoto: San Nicolas Totolapan Ejidal Park

An option to enjoy nature without leaving Mexico City. It is in the town hall of Magdalena Contreras, at kilometer 11.5 of the Picacho-Ajusco highway.

It is a community-based ecotourism project, with over 2,300 hectares of forest with trails that cross scenic viewpoints, ravines, streams and small waterfalls. It is guarded by rangers.

It also has a bike park for mountain bikers of all levels, an educational farm and a plant maze.

The cost to access the park is 40 pesos for walkers and 60 pesos for cyclists, but there are activities with an additional cost such as the zip line. The place allows pets (15 pesos per ticket). You can contact us by WhatsApp to request reports or downloadable hiking trails: 55 8156 8451

4. Old Chautla Hacienda – Puebla

cheap_destinations_semana_santa_2.jpgPhoto: Unsplash. Laisha Rhodes

A castle reminiscent of the English countryside, protected by an artificial lake and surrounded by dense forest, is its main attraction. This is Gillow Castle, built at the end of the 19th century.

The history of the hacienda dates back to 1777 and for a long time its architecture was traditional. The castle was built by Eulogio Gillow, son of Josefa Zavalza y Gutiérrez, heiress of the hacienda, and the English jeweler Thomas Gillow.

It is currently a natural park with beautiful green spaces to take photos, relax, picnic and walk to a set of springs. General admission costs 42 pesos.

There are other activities with supplement: boat rental (half an hour for 69 pesos) or trout fishing (155 pesos), for example. In the restaurant they cook the trout you have for 120 pesos.

It is located on the outskirts of San Martín Texmelucan, an hour and a half from CDMX. In the cabins, you spend 280 pesos, round trip.

5. Forest of Souls Spa – Hidalgo

cheap_destinations_semana_santa_4.jpgPhoto: Spa Bosque de las Animas

This spa is made up of two pools of thermal water where the temperature can reach up to 37°C. It has child-friendly and adult-friendly slides, as well as hot tubs and children’s water areas with slides.

Around the pools are green areas for relaxing, chatting or picnicking. You can bring your food, as the spa has grills and furniture rentals; In case you forget something, there is a small store.

The cost of entry to Spa Bosque de las Ánimas is 100 pesos and 50 pesos for those presenting Inapam.

It is located in the magical town of Tecozautla, 3 hours from CDMX. If you take Huichapan (half an hour) as a reference, cabins cost 272 pesos, round trip.

6. The Sources – Morelos

cheap_destinations_semana_santa_1.jpgPhoto: Sources

The main attraction of this spa is a set of thermal water pools, which are constantly fed by springs and offer a pleasant temperature of around 28°C. These natural, crystal-clear pools come in different sizes: some are small enough to sit and relax in while, while in others the water reaches your waist or allows you to swim.

A few low waterfalls fall over the basins. You can stand under running water to cool off or stand nearby to rock to the sound.

The spa also has three man-made swimming pools and two paddling pools.

It is allowed to access it with food to make your picnic, as long as you do not bring alcoholic beverages or glass containers; There is a barbecue area which is free to use. If you prefer not to take anything, you can eat at the restaurant, which specializes in regional dishes, or buy Mexican snacks on site.

The entrance ticket to the spa costs 100 pesos per adult and 90 pesos per child from 3 to 11 years old.

It is located in Coaxitlán, Morelos, at kilometer 149 of federal road 95D (Autopista del Sol). Taking Jojutla (half an hour away) as a reference, the stalls cost 352 pesos in total.

7. Xoxafi Caves – Hidalgo

cheap_destinations_semana_santa_3.jpgPhoto: Xoxafi Caves

If you like adventure tourism, this is one of the cheapest alternatives you can find near CDMX. Moreover, it is a rather original site.

Exciting activities such as abseiling have been set up inside a natural cave system. Of course, you can also admire the stalactites and stalagmites without feeling dizzy.

In the Extreme Tunnel ride, you descend up to 100 meters underground; Among its challenges, crossing the cave on a 30-meter zip line and abseiling in “free fall”. The cost is 320 pesos per person.

The Adventure Tunnel circuit, at a cost of 280 pesos, includes two rappel descents (one of them covers 44 meters in height).

The visit to the base tunnel is the quietest, it is a walk that sometimes crosses very narrow areas; here you descend 50 meters underground. The price is 220 pesos.

It is located in the municipality of Santiago de Anaya, in Hidalgo; It is just over 2 hours from CDMX. If you take Actopan as a reference (at 25 minutes), the total cost of the stalls is 112 pesos.

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