8 years without the World Cup, big losses and exodus of stars

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disaster in Italy. The Azzura not only will not be in the Qatar 2022 World Cup but he couldn’t even fight for his ticket to the playoff final. A Macedonian goal Trajkovsky in the discount definitely woke the Italian team from the dream they had been in since months ago they had been crowned champions of Europe in Wembley. The problem goes far beyond the selection itself.

After the blow of the defeat in the playoffs, a deep debate was established in Italy on the decline of their football. The country which, in the 90s, was the nucleus where the best football players in the world met, has seen how its competition has deteriorated over time. The A series It has already lost its luster compared to championships like the Spanish, the Bundesliga or, above all, the premier league.

The president of Serie A, Laurent Casiniinsisted that the “failure” of the Italian team not to go to the World Cup for the second consecutive time is that of all Italian football and considered that “it should lead everyone to serious reflection and a profound change in the system.”

The recently appointed president of the Italian football league looks to the future after the disaster of the Azzura and believes that we must take advantage of the moment to change the foundations of Italian football.

The Italian football team stays out of the Qatar 2022 World Cup


The Italian coach evolved in the same line Sacchi Arrigowho assured that everything is not the fault of the players, but of the bases of a football which he described as “backward” and which “has no new ideas”.

“We haven’t won anything in Europe since 2010, after Mourinho’s Inter Champions League. The European Championship national team was a wonderful exception that we should all be grateful for because they gave us a trophy won with merit and good game. We keep buying foreigners into our clubs, and even the youth sectors are full of boys from abroad,” Sacchi explained in an interview with The Gazzetta dello Sport.

Other countries evolve and we stayed in the 60s

Sacchi Arrigo

“I hope he doesn’t try to solve everything by firing the coach. The problem is more serious, much more serious. Italian football suffers from a cultural backwardness, there are no new ideas Other nations are evolving and we stayed in the 60. I will say it clearly: the players and the coach are the least guilty of this situation. Here the problem is ‘institutional'”, added the former coach of the ‘rossoneri’.

What this means Sacchi It is that the fact that Italy have not played in a World Cup since 2014, eight years ago, requires careful analysis. Faults are broken down by points ranging from lack of stars to bad bet by the clubs themselves for their country’s players. What is happening in their careers is particularly worrying, where the number of footballers from other countries filling them has increased exponentially.

62% of Serie A footballers are foreigners

Series A has lost its appeal and the pandemic has also aggravated the wounds. The case of Juventus may be one of the most dramatic with losses of 210 million euros in the 2020/2021 season. The “crisis” of bianconerimain power of the country, shows the decline in competitiveness at European level of Italian clubs: this season, there is no Italian team qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

A change is urgently needed for Italian football, which sees how its situation can inevitably get worse from next summer. Serie A, with 62% of its players from abroad, is the third league with the highest market value in terms of footballers: 4.78 billion euros, surpassed by The league (5.01) and the premier league (8.64).

The bad thing is that the trend is down and it will repeat itself this summer market. For example, Frank Kessiethird most valuable player Milanowill go for free to Barcelona and this week we found out paulo dybala He will not reconnect with Juventus to, most likely, try his luck in another destination in Europe. The list of names that terminate their contract and can leave the league for free is very long: Luis Felipe, BelottiRomagneli, bernardeschi, Mkhitaryan, perisic, Marusic

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