a journey deep into Egyptian fantasy full of action and adventure in which the Marvel series puts on the show

The third episode of ‘Moon Knight’ (Moon Knight, 2022) released on Disney+ moves the action to Egypt, where Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) pursues cult leader Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) and his thugs, who attempt to free the trapped goddess Ammit and bring her deadly judgment to the world, in a puzzle-solving adventure that takes the character on the most purely Indiana Jones adventure in the Marvel series so far.

We are in the middle of the season and we still don’t really know Marc Spector and Layla El-Faouly during the events that unfold, breathing new life into the series by showing in each episode a version of the hero leaving the feeling that he there is always something more to know about him. We now have Spector mostly in control of his own body, following Steven’s learning curve and the two working on one body, his adventure takes us from London to Cairo, clarifying more keys to the series and with the most action so far.

SPOILERS del episodio 3 en el texto

learning curve

In episode 3, Khonshu finds himself trapped and with him the possibility of becoming a Knight of the Moon for the protagonist(s), because the armor of the Egyptian god is essential for them to fight against the bad guys, but now they have the help of Layla, who is a more active participant this week and her backstory as a married couple alongside Marc is touched on a bit more, including the fact that Marc had kept Steven a secret. We don’t know how long they’ve been together, but it looks like he was Moon Knight the whole time he was with her, which he also kept a secret.

It seems that Marc participated in the murder of Layla’s archaeologist father and met her later. We see Marc at his mercenary job this week, and we meet the elegant art collector Anton Mogart, played by Gaspard Thomas Ulliel, the young actor who died tragically after filming this season, and to whom the episode is dedicated. Their encounter shows that Layla is in better shape as a relic hunter, selling her cover, while Marc proves to be much clumsier.


Layla and Marc end up fighting Anton and his henchmen and we can see why Khonshu was so interested in Layla as Marc’s successor. Harrow also plays with revealing a big secret that Marc has been hiding from Layla, something that goes back to promising mysteries to be solved on the show. While, Steven, like Marc, is able to reclaim his body at crucial moments in the action., but this time get the opposite effect. playing the role of peacemaker, making the task singularly difficult thanks to his clumsiness.

An immersion in the Egyptian mythology of the hero

Everything starts to point to the fact that Steven is really the fractured part of Marc’s mind and not a person in himself, which makes the approach of the series even more original, since the idea of ​​​​first meeting the secondary version is something quite new. . As Steven takes control, ‘Mr. Knight’ leaving very funny moments in the middle of the fightsin addition to having Steven trapped inside Marc allows the story to move with more momentum than the first two chapters, using the elder’s knowledge of Egyptology as background programming.

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In the end, it is Steven who becomes the key identity, helping to travel back in time through the night sky to locate the location of Ammit’s grave. Khonshu looks like a villain, but he helps Steven with the task to stop the goddess from resurrecting.knowing the gods will imprison him in stone for it, in a dramatic desert night scene that is already among the most memorable on television in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

moon knight3

This episode nicely establishes Steven as the mastermind and Marc as the strength of the same team and Oscar Isaac is still brilliant, but it’s especially funny in the moments when Khonshu speaks directly through him to the other gods and their “quest treasure” looks like much like the one seen in ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, 2019), in which his character even had Harrison Ford’s outfit. ‘Moon Knight’ has no apparent connection to the MCU, but its god mythology could connect to Asgardians and Celestials, though the most interesting thing about this chapter 3 is that it opens up the possibility that there is another new personality yet to be known within Marc.

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