A life full of pet care in Dubai

From luxurious resorts and dog daycares to fascinating hair salons and dog pools. Dubai offers a multitude of services to pamper our pets.

Shampooch, a company originally founded as a mobile hair service, continues to offer services on four wheels in its signature pink and yellow vans. In addition, it now allows access to a unique experience in a luxury beauty center.

Makeovers are complete with a few drops of dog perfume, and “four-legged” customers are invited to pose for “before” and “after” photos that are placed on Shampooch’s hot pink photo wall.

In addition, the center has a canine daycare service and accommodation in an exclusive hotel in the heart of the residential area of ​​Jumeirah.

“At Shampooch, we have many types of customers, people of all nationalities, as you can find in Dubai. It’s a real melting pot of cultures. The same goes for animals. So we welcome all kinds of dogs,” says the partner. and director, Shaheen Shahani. “We have clients who come to us for pet grooming and many busy workers who leave for work early in the morning and leave their dogs at our daycare,” he adds.

“Animals spend the day here. It’s… like they go to school. They run, they make friends, they play with balls, they go out in the garden… They have a great day. They come home tired, happy… very happy, and that’s great for the owners too,” says Shaheen Shahani.

Another popular centre, which provides care and attention to dogs, is My Second Home, which is located in the Dubai Investment Park. The prestigious center has indoor and outdoor pools for dogs, an indoor heated park and a series of luxury rooms where our pets can spend the night.

“We have just about anything you can imagine for dogs,” says Sean Parker, CEO of My Second Home. “We have overnight accommodation, we have daycare and a dog school, hairdressing services, a park…and, in addition, we have a pet pick-up and delivery service, with a limousine. We make different rooms available to the animals, of greater or lesser size. less luxury. In each of them, whatever their category, there is a camera so that the owners can see, in line, how their dogs rest and sleep at night.”

For stays where people also need to be accommodated, Dubai has several pet-friendly hotels that welcome guests bringing their “four-legged friends”. One of these hotels was designed by legendary architect Zaha Hadid. It’s the ME Dubai, in Business Bay.

The “Pooch by ME” package includes a dog bed and blanket, saddle bags, brush and shampoo and bowls. Plus, the hotel’s celebrity chef, James Knight-Pacheco, has created a room-service menu for pets.

“It was a big challenge to come up with a menu for these animals,” says James Knight-Pacheco. “I usually cook for people. So this time I had to do a lot of research on what goes into dog or cat food. And of course there was a twist in the design of the menu, since we we’re into the Zaha Hadid,” he adds.

“On the menu are products for puppies, for older dogs, and for cats. They have different names, like Raise the Woof and Notorious DOG, and they’re always protein-based with some amount of carbs. And , they do not have condiments, because you have to be very careful with the digestive system of dogs.”

Pet-friendly restaurants are becoming increasingly popular in Dubai. Reform Social & Grill Dubai in the lakes is one of the restaurants that includes pet snacks in its menu. Although, admittedly, most pets seem just as happy with leftovers from the excellent dishes prepared at the restaurant.

For a totally different experience, head to Dubai’s only indoor rainforest: the Green Planet at City Walk. A space that offers various encounters with animals. Visitors can interact with certain species, such as snakes, sugar gliders and sloths. Animal care manager Erik Rohrkaste is part of the team that oversees these types of visits.

“The encounter with the sugar glider lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. Visitors will be able to meet these types of animals and feed them, among other things, mealworms or grapes, which they love”, specifies Rohrkaste.

“Another of our encounters with the animals is the one that has the sloths as protagonists. It takes place every day at 1.30 p.m., and lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. The sloth Liam will be present in the space in which it takes place on visitors will be able to offer some of their favorite vegetables, such as carrots, or certain fruits, such as plums and grapes. And, they will be able to learn a lot about these interesting animals. They are very docile. They sleep between 12 and 18 hours a day. They spend all their energy digesting food. They move little. They sleep, eat and go back to sleep. That’s basically what they do,” concludes Erik Rohrkaste.

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