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After having succeeded in several countries with the telenovela “Hercai: Love and Revenge”, actress Ebru Sahin groped by the period series entitled “Destanwhere she plays Akkiz, a brave mountain warrior. Although at first it had great acceptance by the public, over time everything changed, causing concern among the filmmakers of this Ottoman production.

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The famous seriesDestantakes place in the 9th century, before the conversion of the Turks to Islam. akkiz She is a brave and warrior mountaineer who lives in the steppes of Central Asia. In the main roles you can see such famous actors as Ebru Sahin, Oedipus tepeli Yes Selim Bayraktar.

In “Destan“the story is told between Gok Tegini Batuga Yes akkiz. After leaving their love behind, these two characters will fight in an epic battle and rewrite the fate of the Turks. in this production Ebru Sahin once again, he demonstrates his great professionalism in a series that first captivated the public.

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However, some media Turkey as televizyongazetesi pointed out, public interest in the series changed and they walked away at the end of the season.

After “Hercai”, actress Ebru Şahin starred in the period series “Destan” (Photo: Ebru Şahin/Instagram)


Destan” is a series that, since its premiere, has generated great anticipation among the thousands of fans of Ebru Sahinhaving as its main attraction the ancient times when great battles took place.

But just as the series was hugely popular for several episodes, it also saw changes in audience preference, according to the televizyongazetesi portal. In this sense, he explained that the loss of viewers in this type of big budget series can lead to very difficult results.

Yes OK “Destancaught the attention of the public for the first 17 episodes, it was from the 18th episode, broadcast on April 5, that we saw a big change in the ratings. The aforementioned average indicates that the series fell by 5 points. This is why the figures obtained in episode 18 warn of a bad sign.

Ebru Sahin plays a very strong woman named Akizz in
Ebru Sahin plays a very strong woman named Akizz in ‘Destan’ (Photo: Mehmet Bozdag)

For this reason, both the production of “Destan” like string mountain bike they should do a great job of keeping audiences from continuing to drift away from the show.

In conclusion, if the rating continues to decline at average rates, things could get complicated for the series, resulting in a critical period of “Destan”.

Ebru Şahin was part of the period series
Ebru Şahin was part of the period series “Destan” and there are some things she didn’t like about this job (Photo: Ebru Şahin/Instagram)


Destan» will tell the story of Akkiza hill tribe orphan, seeking revenge for the death of her parents tries to kill Korkut Khan. To do this, bravely armed with her bow and arrows, she attacks him, but she does not achieve her goal and is caught becoming the slave of the son of her enemy: Batuga, a handicapped prince. .

As she fights for her freedom, she begins to feel something very special for the boy, a young man who grew up displaced and repressed in his father’s kingdom. It is in this place that a mutual feeling is born between the two and that they will begin to write a legendary love story. Note that the two crossed paths when they were children. Because everyone initially ignores this duo, they team up to achieve the impossible.

This is how we see Akizz to fight for what he believes is right and help those who need it most, so he doesn’t hesitate to attack and finish off the king’s men; Meanwhile, in the palace is Batuga, who refused to speak until the day his father died.

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Actress Ebru Şahin is one of the most beautiful actresses in Turkey (Photo: Ebru Şahin/Instagram)
Actress Ebru Şahin is one of the most beautiful actresses in Turkey (Photo: Ebru Şahin/Instagram)


Ebru Sahin is a Turkish actress and model, winner of several awards such as the Golden Butterfly, one of the most important awards in Ottoman entertainment. She is best known for her work on “Hercai”.

Ebru Sahin was born in Istanbul, Turkey on May 18, 1994. Taurus and standing 1.64 meters tall, the performer is considered a reserved person.

Although he has very little experience, it is enough that his talent is recognized. In 2020, Ebru won an Altın Marka Ödülleri award and an Altın Palmiye Ödülleri; both for Best Actress. Last year, he won the statuette in the same category at the 46th Altın Kelebek Awards.

At the same ceremony, he won the award for Radiant Star and was nominated for Best TV Couple with his partner from “Hercai: Love and Revenge”, Akin Akinozu.

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