five places that will transport us to the United States

We want to travel and the United States is always a cool destination… Even if our budget says otherwise. If you want to cross the pond and lose you by their statesbut the lack of time (and money) does not allow it, we propose five places in Spain that they will automatically transfer us to the United States.

You can ride Route 66 in the heart of Fuerteventura

If you’re one of those people who would love to hop in the car and embark on an adventure along the legendary Route 66 that connects Los Angeles to Chicago, here’s a way to quench the desire for a whole lot less. In Fuerteventura we find Los Cuchillos de Vigán, a picturesque coastal natural park, with steep cliffs and several routes.

It’s not Sedona (although it may seem so), it’s the Barrancas of Burujón, Toledo

You better pack your bags and start a road trip to Sedona Toledo. Here we find Las Barrancas de Burujón, a natural area with gorges, ravines, hiking trails and impressive views that will automatically transport us to the Arizona desert (or its famous city, Sedona).

Barrancas De Burujon Toledo Spain

Las Barrancas are located in the municipalities of Albarreal de Tajo, Burujón and La Puebla de Montalbán, on the northern shore of the Castrejón Reservoir (Photo: Asqueladd for Wikimedia Commons)

Located in Yavapai and Coconino counties, Sedona is a unique city with natural landscapes to fall completely in love with. Surrounded by hills of reddish rock, deep canyons and pine forests, this city caused a sensation and became an obligatory stop in the United States for lovers of the wildest nature.

Nina SandbechSedona

Nina Sandbech in Sedona presenting the H&M Studio SS 2019 collection (Photo: Instagram @ninasandbech)

Monument Valley quien…? These are the Bardenas Reales de Navarra

Monument Valley is a wonderful place that automatically transports us to Wild West movies. This large depression is located on Utah’s southern border with Arizona and is within the Navajo Native Reservation. Famous in the RRSS for its postcard landscapes, getting around is faster than you think…

Monument Valley Utah Collage Vintage Usa Road Trip 104 790x527

Over the years, Monument Valley has become popular in RRSS (Photo: Collage Vintage)

And it is that Bardenas Reales de Navarra offers us equally spectacular places. Located in Navarre, the center of the Ebro Valley depression has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. With a semi-desert view, it will feel like being in Monument Valley.

Royal bardenas

The Bardenas Reales de Navarra have been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO (Photo: Official website of the Bardenas Reales de Navarra)

The hotel in Ibiza that transports us to the Miami of the 50s

One of Miami’s most famous neighborhoods goes by the name of South Beach, and while its beaches draw thousands of tourists, it’s its boardwalk and retro 1950s buildings that command attention. Apart from the famous house of Gianni Versace, this walk is a return to the past where the retro touch is present at every moment.

Art Deco Cavalier Hotel

Image of the mythical Hôtel Cavalier (Photo: Fæ for Wikimedia Commons)

Hotel Cavalier South Beach.

Hotel Cavalier South Beach.

With these premises, in Ibiza we find the Hotel Tropicana Ibiza that takes us to this place in the blink of an eye. Located in Playa d’en Bossa and intended only for adults, in its facilities we will find an outdoor swimming pool and solarium.

Tropicana Ibiza

The Tropicana Ibiza takes us to Miami in the blink of an eye

Tropicana Ibiza - Adults Only.

Tropicana Ibiza – Adults Only.

If you dream of visiting Antelope Canyon, near Timanfaya Park there are similar cracks

One of the must-sees during our visit to Lanzarote is Timanfaya Park. Despite the fact that we are only allowed to visit it by bus and without getting off, near the place, in the White Mountain, we find the fissures of the Volcano that automatically transport us to the famous Antelope Canyon.

Pepa Lancelot

The fissure in the volcano of Montaña Blanca, Lanzarote, automatically transports us to Antelope Canyon (Photo: Instagram @pepatatas)

Located between Utah and Arizona, more precisely in the city of Page, there is a spectacular slot canyon. Able to leave us speechless, today you can visit the upper and lower parts -he personally recommended the latter-.

Antelope J Balvin

J Balvin jumping in Lower Antelope Canyon (Photo: Instagram @jbalvin)

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