Fleet Week Returns to New York After Two Years

The United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard will return to New York for “The Fleet Week” after two years of hosting the event virtually. Several ships and nearly 3,000 Sailors and Marines will visit the five boroughs, marking the start of summer and New York City’s continued recovery from the pandemic. This morning a press conference was held at the Town Hall to announce the return of the event.

“I am honored to have the best of our military on the steps of City Hall to welcome the return of Fleet Week,” said New York Mayor Eric Adams. “We let our military know that we are open and proud to welcome you to our city. I salute your courage and commitment to defending our nation.”

Now in its 34th edition, Fleet Week, or Fleet Week, is scheduled to take place May 25-31. The week-long event is the city’s traditional celebration of maritime services and will include public tours of ships and a variety of military displays.

“We are thrilled to return to New York and demonstrate how the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard provide our nation and our NATO partners with an advantage at sea,” said Rear Admiral Charles. Chip” Rock, commander of the Mid-Atlantic Marine. Region. . “New York is always an amazing host. We can’t wait for our brave women and men to have the opportunity to experience all that the city has to offer and for New Yorkers to get a taste of what we do every day. It will create memories that will last a lifetime.

“New York City is home to 210,000 military veterans, including 56,000 active duty military personnel who have supported us through some of our most difficult times, from 9/11 to Hurricane Sandy to COVID-19. Now is the time for us to extend the same commitment and support to them,” said Frank Carone, chief of staff in the office of New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “As a Marine, I am proud to welcome our service members stationed around the world to all five boroughs for Fleet Week. They are bringing another inspiring step in our city’s recovery from the pandemic.”

“Fleet Week is a centuries-old tradition in New York City and I am thrilled to celebrate its return,” said Anne Williams-Isom, New York Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services. “It’s also a reminder of the importance of communicating in person with our soldiers. I want to recognize the sacrifices and important work done by former and current service members and proudly welcome Fleet Week to New York.”

“Fleet Week New York is an iconic association that represents the respect and gratitude we have for our military service members and our veterans,” said Commissioner James Hendon of the New York City Department of Veterans Services. . “This tradition creates an invaluable opportunity for New Yorkers to understand and appreciate what it means to serve our country. This year, Fleet Week also symbolizes New York City’s resilience as we emerge from the pandemic. We are very pleased to host Fleet Week in New York.

“We look forward to welcoming Fleet Week and members of the United States Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps back to New York. As the site of the first Fleet Week event in 1984, it is heartwarming to see this great iconic event return in person this year, further proof of our city’s continued recovery. It’s a great opportunity to salute our nation’s service personnel and to invite locals and visitors to enjoy this year’s wide range of events and programs,” said Fred Dixon, President and CEO of the management of NYC & Company.

The event has been held nearly every year since 1984, and nearly 3,000 sailors, marines and coast guards are expected to attend this year.

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