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The heatwave recorded in the Mediterranean is behind the hottest week of the year in Italy and the southern and central-western areas of the country are on alert at least until the end of the week with historic temperatures exceeding the 45 degrees.

The city of Syracuse on the southern island of Sicily reached 48.8 degrees on Wednesday, according to the regional government’s Agrometeorological Information Service (SIAS), a figure that could set a new heat record in Europe and would exceed 48 degrees in Athens in 1977. On the island, today’s highs are expected in the central-southern part, with temperatures between 42 and 44 degrees and even 46 near the cities of Trapani and Agrigento .

Also on the other large Italian island, Sardinia, where peaks of 43.1 degrees were recorded yesterday, highs are expected today that do not drop below 35 and could reach 41.

Rome is boiling hot: the waterholes

The rest of the southern regions remain on alert: Calabria, the tip of the Italian “boot”, which touched 42 degrees, expects highs of 38 degrees today; as well as Campania, with its capital in Naples, and Lazio, the region of Rome, where it reached 40 degrees yesterday.

Although the Italian capital is full of fountains, Rome’s civil protection service has set up several bottled water supply points for the Romans and the thousands of tourists who, despite the heat, roam the city every day.

Tuscany, a region north of Rome, will also see maximum temperatures of 39 degrees today in cities like its capital, Florence.

The heat, more intense at the start of the afternoon, will begin to drop in the country from Friday, where it will drop by a few degrees. This situation has aggravated the numerous fires that are spreading throughout southern Italy, particularly in Sicily, which declared a state of emergency last week and had to evacuate inhabitants from certain areas, and in Calabria, where the army fought the fire.

In Spain 44° are expected in the south, and strong storms in the north

Spain is on alert for temperatures that could exceed 42 degrees this Thursday and 44 in the coming days, as in the regions of Aragon and Catalonia (northeast), which are at extreme risk, in addition to possible strong storms, especially in mountain areas.

In the province of Zaragoza (Aragon) it can reach 43 degrees today and 42 in that of Lérida (Catalonia). The 40 degrees will also be exceeded in the region of Andalusia (south) and La Rioja (north), and will be so around others.

Only the northern regions of the country will be spared by this heat wave, the most intense of the summer so far, which will reach its peak between Friday and Sunday, with suffocating nights at 25 degrees or more.

According to the forecasts of the National Meteorological Agency (Aemet), this episode will last until the first days of next week. Authorities have stepped up warnings to people to avoid being outdoors in the middle of the day and drinking water frequently, in addition to stepping up wildfire prevention measures as the risk has skyrocketed .

In this sense, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, asked this Wednesday for “maximum caution and full collaboration”. To prevent it, regional authorities have banned or restricted the use of agricultural machinery and access to forests and other natural areas, such as in Catalonia, Castilla-La Mancha (center) and the Valencian Community (east).

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