Live Chiapas through the senses and discover one of the best places to travel

Before the pandemic, tourism in Mexico represented around 8.5% of GDP and while there is still a long way to go to bring the economy back to this industry at this time, it is undeniable that for many it seems that everything is returned to normal.

In the most touristic destinations, the hotels are short of space, the beaches are full and going on holiday on the road is a nightmare, why not change things up a bit? Chiapas is no stranger to tourism, but without a doubt, it is still perceived as something far away, unlike other places that have managed to capture national and international attention.

However, with three flights to different destinations with much to offer in Chiapas, the idea that it is a remote place has to be abandoned. A one-hour flight from CDMX to Tuxtla Gutierrez is enough to enter one of the most beautiful destinations in Mexico and the world. However, one important thing to mention is that Chiapas is not small, there are sites separated by hours of driving and unlike other tourist sites, here it is not recommended to travel without a guide or transport local who knows how to avoid roads and situations that can escape the control of a tourist, which is why Viajes Itzaa is one of the best ways to know the other side of Chiapas.

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico’s next premium destination, where culture, tradition and history come together; flavors, colors of a state full of magic. With high-end gastronomic proposals, luxury hotels, conscious tourist activities and endless natural destinations; Without a doubt, Sancris is becoming a fashionable destination, worthy of any intelligent traveller.

Viajes Itzaa will take care of giving you the best recommendations on places, experiences, shopping, restaurants, that meet the needs and special requirements you may need. With a first-rate team, including operators, coordinators, trained tour guides, it has a staff that will undoubtedly make your trip through Chiapas unforgettable.

Jeannete Guevara, Director and Promoter of Tourism of Viajes Itzaa, invites you to know Chiapas in a different way, through conscious tourism, so that you not only visit a place, but also immerse yourself in its roots and be part of every experience. “The proposal is that you know what is behind every corner, not only take a photo in a beautiful place, but generate empathy with people, live the experiences, be proud to know more about the State and experience each of the wonders that we have”.

The biodiversity in Chiapas is infinite before the eyes, moreover, it stands out for its gastronomic heritage, its crafts and its architectural heritage. For example, San Cristóbal de las Casas is one of the oldest cities in Latin America, which is about to be 500 years old; He obviously has a lot of story to tell. Just like The Happening, Chiapas conquers your senses, so we show you how Viajes Itzaa can give you the trip of a lifetime that will focus on your senses:

• THE VIEW: In addition to your students admiring the Sumidero Canyon, a visit to the La Venta River Canyon in the heart of Chiapas is a must. To get there, take the super light rail and then fly over the area surrounded by limestone rocks, mosses and ferns. Imagine seeing an eagle, white-tailed deer, ocelot, cougar or jaguar from above.

• THE TASTE: your taste pupils will not only vibrate with the classic chipilín tamale or the delicious baked cochito, with Viajes Itzaa you can visit the best places to taste other typical dishes such as the chipilín soup, the aguachile snacks, bread and stuffed ocosingo cheese. Enjoy the different flavors from the hands of traditional cooks, who share some gastronomic secrets and their stories.

• SMELL: Upon arrival in Chiapas, this sense will immediately awaken with the aroma of coffee. Another of the traditional drinks that you can discover is Pox, which is fashionable thanks to its strong flavor. Ask for the mixology classes to learn how to incorporate it into your cocktails and learn more about the ancestral ceremony of this drink.

• THE TOUCH: When your skin comes into contact with the clay, you will apprehend the development of each piece made by hand from another angle. Get an up-close look at how artisans make items in their communities. At the pottery workshop of Amatenango del Valle, 50 minutes from San Cristóbal de las Casas, you can discover the whole process of making your own pot.

• THE EAR: Discover all the sounds of Chiapas in contact with the jungle. Listening to the notes that the birds emit at the same time as the water falls in the waterfalls and the movement of the trees, will give you incredible peace.

Viajes Itzaa is a Mexican company whose mission is to provide complete solutions in each of its services, both in the tourism industry and in land transport, to cover social, political and artistic events. The main objective of Viajes Itzaa is to provide a quality service with units in optimal conditions and highly qualified personnel.

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