Long queues at the immigration office to process and obtain the passport

Long queues at Immigration for the passport

Hundreds of people, including the elderly and children, woke up waiting in long lines around the central migration office in the district of Breña, with the intention of being able to process the passport after the collapse of the system which harmed several travelers yesterday who missed their flight and had to pay thousands of soles to reschedule their tickets.

Yesterday, the breakdown of the printing system at the Jorge Chávez International Airport office prevented dozens of travelers and entire families from leaving the country. From the start, the people concerned waited inside the terminal building to be able to renew this travel document, but given the exaggerated waiting time that many had to endure, they began to complain to the workers of the migration, who had to point out the problem they were having.

For several hours the system was paralyzed, both at the airport and at the central immigration office, so in addition to not being able to attend the printing of emergency passports, he also did not been possible to comply with those who had made an appointment.

Although the Superintendent of Migrations, Jose Armando Fernandez Campos, justified the situation and began to take care of those affected, many people without an appointment came to Breña today to obtain the long-awaited passport.

“I don’t have an appointment, but I came because I don’t want to happen to me what other people went through yesterday and they didn’t have a passport”said one user.

Through its social networks, Migrations reports that “We met all the people who came to process their passports at the headquarters in Breña. In this way, what was announced by Superintendent Jorge Fernández came true..

Long queues at Immigration for the passport | VIDEO: American Television

However, users on social networks denounce the absence of this document in the decentralized offices of the different regions of the country and maintain that they have to travel to other regions or to Lima to be able to process this important document.

In another statement, the National Migration Superintendence He indicated that “after the demand for passports arising from the proximity of the long holidays, the current administration has managed to obtain an early delivery of the travel document by the provider contracted this year, which will be sent today to our various seats”.

Likewise, by July 2022, we will have received a total of 700,000 passports to cover the demand of citizens during this year.“, they point out.

“The National Migration Superintendency apologizes to the citizens for the incidents that occurred at Jorge Chávez International Airport and at the headquarters, and guarantees that the correct attention of the citizens will be carried out without major inconveniences”they indicate.

Moreover, it ensures that the current administration, with only 25 days of management, has strived to meet an optimal standard of care allowing the issuance of passports on the same day that citizens request them.


The migration crisis It has been dragging since the beginning of 2021, where there was a shortage of this document due to the large number of requests they received after the reopening of offices across the country after the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That year, 698,000 passports were issued.

According to the report 000616-2021-DIROP/MIGRATIONissuance of passports It presented an increase of nearly 90,000 passports through October and it was reported that the 2022 balance of this document was only 126,670.

For this reason, the acquisition of passports has been recommended to meet the projected demand for 2022. Even, since August last year, the management of the former National Superintendent of Migration, Roxane of the Eaglewarned of the urgency of acquiring 700,000 passports.


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