New chapter in the scandal with the Russian driver accused of having made a Nazi salute on the podium: his racing license has been withdrawn

Pilot Artem Severiukhin’s Nazi salute

The image has traveled the world and sparked repudiation amid the ongoing war in Ukraine after Vladimir Putin’s troops invaded. A 15-year-old pilot named Artem Severiukhinborn in Russia, was targeted for making an alleged Nazi gesture on the podium After winning the European Championship FIA Karting Championshipwhich took place in the Portuguese city of Portimão.

In the video you can see the Russian kart driver hits his chest then extends his arm in the traditional fascist salute. Moreover, a few seconds later, he burst out laughing while the Italian anthem was being sung, the flag of the country under which he competes since the International Automobile Federation (FIA) decided to withdraw the Russian badge by measure due to the war. in Europe.

Faced with this scenario, the one who took a drastic measure was the Italian automobile federation. The entity clarified that Severiukhin’s license has been revoked. “While the extraordinary meeting of the Sports Council of the Automobile Club of Italy is held – convened to take urgent measures after the abominable and unacceptable gesture Russian karting driver Artem Severyukhin, on the podium of the European Junior Karting Race in Portimao (Portugal)- Still pending, we know that the executive himself decided to immediately withdraw Severyukhin’s sports license and, in at the same time, sent her to Sports Justice to assess the definition of new sanctions that are within its competence, ”says the first part of the report published by the ACI.

“Unavoidable measures, since, with his reckless gesture, Severyukhin showed a lack of respect not only for the universal values ​​that have always inspired all sports, but also for humanity, dignity and civil coexistence.“, adds the press release.

Then, the Azzurri federation explained how the Russian pilot was able to compete under its flag. “Severyukhin had obtained the Italian license, as required by the FIA ​​regulations, which allows young drivers of all nationalities the greatest freedom of movement between international federations, to allow them to develop professionally in countries -like Italy – who have a great tradition in the field of motorsport training and the training of pilots in professionalism”.

And they specified: “Our country, in particular, has always been the most important in the world as regards the practice of karting, as evidenced by the fact that in 2021 alone, 355 foreign pilots, of the most varied nationalities , have obtained the Italian sports license for this discipline”.

The greeting that generated repudiation in the automotive world

Once photos from the podium were released, which included Severyukhin’s provocative gesture, the FIA ​​has opened an investigation into what happened in the world of karting.

“The FIA ​​confirms that it has launched an immediate investigation into the unacceptable conduct of Mr. Artem Severiukhin in the OK category, during round 1 of the 2022 FIA Karting European Championship at the Kartódromo Internacional do Algarve in Portugal. The FIA will communicate shortly the additional measures that will be taken in this matter, ”announced the body which governs the destinations of motor sport on the planet.

Following this, the team the young Russian raced for, Ward Racing, announced his expulsion as they considered his attitude to be “a manifestation of unsportsmanlike behavior, an unacceptable violation of the ethical and moral code of sport”.

In the midst of controversy, Severiukhin used his social networks to distance himself from the fact that the gesture he made on the podium was linked to fanaticism for Nazism. “I would like to apologize for what happened yesterday at the European Karting Championship. Standing on the podium, I made a gesture that many perceived as a Nazi salute. But it’s not true, I never supported Nazism and I consider it one of the most terrible crimes against humanity. I can’t explain how everything else happened. I know it’s my fault, I know I’m stupid and I’m ready to be punished. But please understand that I did not support Nazism or Fascism with this gesture.”


Scandal with a 15-year-old Russian driver who made an alleged Nazi salute on the podium: he was expelled from the team and the FIA ​​opened an investigation
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