Positive assessment of the Colombian mining sector during its visit to Expo Dubai

Declaration of the National Mining Agency

For four days, the National Mining Agency presented the investment opportunities for Colombian mining, the strategies that the national government has implemented to support the mining industry and a series of activities that have allowed establish and strengthen commercial ties between our sector and the United Arab Emirates.

During the planned agenda of Colombia Beyond El Dorado – Mining Leyend at Expo Dubái 2020, ANM President Juan Miguel Durán presented the ‘Neutral Carbon’ strategy whose aim is to strengthen the competitiveness of coal and maximizing sector revenues for the country, allowing for a broader demand horizon and increased production of Colombian coal, so that revenues from the ore are maximized under a scenario consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, the strategy aims to facilitate the economic, environmental and social diversification of the country’s producer territories through a new forest economy.

“Given the importance of coal for the national economy, it is necessary to generate an innovative strategy to increase its competitiveness, while generating benefits for the government, employment and companies. This initiative is based on the fact that the coal-producing regions in Colombia must diversify their productive activities and offer value-added products that allow them to differentiate themselves in the market and maintain or improve our competitiveness at the global level”, assured the president. of the ANM during his speech on the second day of the Expo.

The strategy consists of generating added value to Colombian coal, adding a percentage to offset the greenhouse gas emissions caused during combustion in the buyer countries. These national or international sales would make it possible to broaden the horizon of demand and increase the production of Colombian coal to maximize the revenues derived from the ore within the framework of a scenario compatible with the objectives of sustainable development and social responsibility of the companies.

On the other hand, in the presentation of the “Mining Rounds, a leap towards the mining of the future”, the mining authority presented the potential and the Strategic Mining Zones of the country as an opportunity for sustainable and responsible investment for the ores such as copper and phosphates; Likewise, he announced the launch of the Round for Gold early next year.

Likewise, the President of the ANM announced that the mining entity will apply Blockchain technology in future projects, offering the industry a new standard of transparency, traceability and, in addition, the possibility of new financing channels. . He pointed out that the entity is moving towards the digital transformation of the mining sector with the implementation of new technologies and smart contracts.

As part of Expo Dubai, the mining authority hosted two business roundtables focusing on the precious metals and coal market. In the case of precious metals, 7 projects from the companies Cordoba Minerals, Morocota Gold, Tecnogold, Naples Prime, Grupo Empresarial Minero, Esmeraldas Santa Rosa and Geominc were presented. From this meeting, four 1 to 1 meetings were held, attended by interested companies such as Paloma Precious DMCC, Frontiers Gold & Gems, Fura Gems, White Hall and Italpreziosi, among others.

Before the coal business conference, 3 companies were presented: Carbomax, Mindesa Drumond, and the Sinclinal de la loma project. Among the investors present, Yongtai Energy and Cemcoal stand out. For this wheel, five individual meetings have taken place with interested parties and in the coming weeks it is expected to finalize new approaches for the minerals proposed at the Expo.

In the continuity of the academic agenda, the conference on sustainable development for the mining industry was presented by Brigitte Baptiste, Rector of EAN University. In addition, the presentation of strategic mining areas and areas with potential was made by the Colombian Geological Service – SGC and the presentation of the country’s investment climate by the Minister of Finance and Public Credit, José Manuel Restrepo Abondano. Likewise, the panels Mining with an integral approach and Mining projects have been developed, Why invest in Colombia?

The ANM delegation also visited the pavilions of the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Peru and Israel, countries of interest for issues related to mining investment and the marketing of minerals, as well as those who develop proposals related to the energy transition.

Finally, they met with Senior Manager – Sale Faisal Jassem in Jebel Ali, the largest trading port in the Middle East, to share the opportunities mining companies have to open up markets and operations through all the benefits that the Emirati country has for young and old. companies.

Thus, Colombia: Beyond El Dorado – Mining Legend shone at ExpoDubai, the first Universal Exhibition in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region; a scenario where the potential of the sector was presented in terms of opportunity, mobility and sustainability to attract investment to the country, both for the production of the minerals of the future and for the development of activities generating added value in the science, technology, industry, human talent, among others, thus achieving a more connected mining activity with communities.

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