Preventive measures before going on a trip

For a large part of the Dominican population, Holy Week is a time of rest and mental emptiness. Moreover, it is one of the most significant times to go out and visit the different provinces and beaches of the country. There’s nothing like going to the beach with family or friends and spending the whole day swimming, eating and above all having fun.

However, for the formula made to profit to have the right result, some points must be taken into account. Here are the main tips for having the Safer Easter and relaxing of all, and best of all, most of that homework can be done before leave your house. Let’s start!

Unplug all electronic devices in your home

Something very bad is waking up in the morning to find the light in the hallway of your house on, or worse, the fridge door open. Now imagine that you meet these devices on after your Easter holiday arrives, several days after leaving home. It’s a bit of a shame to have to think about how much the electricity bill will cost for the month? truth?

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