Qatar 2022 World Cup: packages and prices from Puebla

The Football World Cup organized by the Fifa It will take place from November 21 to December 18, 2022 in Qatar, so Puebla travel agencies are already offering packages to attend this sporting event.

However, representatives of three agencies that offer this package, in an interview with The universal, They agreed that requests to date are low and they hope it will be early summer when requests pick up.

Omar Made, owner of the travel agency, reported that to date, 10 people have purchased their trip to attend the World Cup, from Mexico State and Mexico City, but none from Puebla.

“A lot of people had the uncertainty that Mexico would qualify, but once they qualified, people were already asking for reservations, and like any law of supply and demand, flights are outrageously expensive. , but the problem is that there are already no tickets on accessible flights,” he explained.

The traveler also reported that, as a Mexican, to enter Qatar It must be done by air because the country it borders with is Saudi Arabia and it does not issue tourist visas to Mexicans.

In other words, Mexicans arriving in Dubai or Abu Dhabi will not be able to enter Qatar by land, they will have to buy a flight; the trip that used to cost 5,000 pesos to Doha now costs no less than 15,000 pesos.

The package that your agency currently offers has a cost of 215 thousand pesos but previously it was offered at 149 thousand 500 pesos, a price that has been respected for the lucky ones who have left over time.

Includes 18 days of travel, departing November 16 and ending December 3, return flight to Turkey from Mexico City or from Los Angeles, USA; stopover in Barcelona and return flight Qatar-Dubai, accommodation and tours, travel protection insurance, all land transfers and advice 24/7.

A visit to the city of Doha, Qatar is planned; Barcelona Spain; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Entry to two games for the Mexican national team and one game for another team.

“I estimate that the surge in demand for packages will be at the end of May, because FIFA is doing another ticket raffle and a lot of people are venturing out to apply for the ticket directly, and if it’s not fired, so they are looking for all the alternatives to travel,” he said.

In the case of Jose Manuel Gutierrez agency representative Feliz Viaje Puebla, acknowledged that the response of the people of Puebla to travel to the Qatar 2022 World Cup has not been good.

“We only had one person interested, but he didn’t buy the tickets, just the flights and a hotel reservation for four nights. The 43 franchises we have across the country sold out, mainly in León, Guanajuato, but not as many as expected,” he said.

He added that the agency started offering the package a month and a half ago, but hopes to boost the advertising campaign once the Easter holidays are over.

around the pandemic Covid-19 He stressed that travelers must have the vaccine to be able to enter the United States and the countries where the flight stops, as well as Qatar, since the departures of the flight will depend on the package they choose, the days to travel and how many people let them.

On behalf of the Planet Paradise agency, its staff said they offer two types of packages, some including single tickets and others including tickets, accommodation and transfers; They also adapt to the budget and the number of people making the trip, but the shortest stay is 8 days.

In his recommendation, he suggests that the flight be made from United States directly to Doha, Qatar, because there are no more affordable tickets from Mexico City, only one category higher.

According to figures from the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA)Currently, Mexican fans are ranked fourth in the world in countries buying tickets to watch the World Cup.

Travel agents agree on this, pointing out that seeking to buy tickets, access to matches of the Mexican team They were the first to sell.

According to Fifain the first draw, 804 thousand 186 people managed to get their place.

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